London X City Posts the Question on Whether Smoking Should Be Banned in Public Places in New Blog Post

London X City, an online resource that discusses various topics related to London and other parts of the world, has released a health-related article that explores the question on whether smoking should be banned in public. More about this article can be found at The article argues that smoking, including vaping, are not natural activities and that cigarette smoke and vape smoke contain chemicals that may be considered to be air pollutants. The problem is that these chemicals floating in the air can be inhaled by non-smokers and non-vapers who don’t find such smoke to be pleasant and may even find the smell to be irritating. While one cigarette may seem not to matter much, thousands of smokers in London may contributed substantially to air pollution in the city.

The article points out that many people enjoying their coffee in restaurants or in coffeeshops often get irritated when the smell of cigarette smoke gets into their nostrils. While smoking in public may not contribute a lot to the high pollution levels in London, cigarette smoke contains several harmful compounds that may also negatively affect non-smokers when they inhale them.

At the present time, there is not much a non-smoker or non-vaper can do except to request that the smoker extinguish his or her cigarette or go and smoke elsewhere. The problem is some smokers believe they have every right to smoke in public and non-smokers may possibly encounter some rude comment once in a while. The non-smoker may only have the option of calling the attention of the café owner or restaurant owner. Perhaps it might be an establishment where there is a designated area for smokers, so it may help to call the attention of the owner, particularly if the smoker is in the non-smoking area.

Chloe, a spokesperson for London X City, says, “We should ban smoking in public because we have every right to enjoy the outdoors, especially after coming out of the lockdown restrictions that prevented us from going out. We have every right to enjoy our coffee outdoors without our senses assaulted by irritating second-hand cigarette smoke. According to the World Health Organization, there are more than 7,000 chemicals in cigarette smoke and at least 69 of them are cancerous while more than 250 of them are harmful to health in other ways.”

More and more people in London are suffering from respiratory disease because of the high levels of pollution in the city. And cigarette or tobacco smoke may indeed contribute to worsening cases of respiratory illnesses. The chemicals contained in the smoke may indeed have serious health consequences for certain people, such as those who are suffering from asthma.

The same can be said with vaping because people don’t really know what chemicals are included in the vaping mixes. While most manufacturers claim that their vaping mixes are safe, there are no specific standards yet for such products. And, of course, there is not much research yet on the possible health consequences of vaping smoke.

Public health is of utmost importance, which is why there is a need to ban smoking in public spaces. The lockdowns due to the pandemic have resulted in less pollution for London because there were fewer people entering the city. At present, when there are less restrictions, thus allowing more people to go outdoors, it may be a good idea to ban smoking in public to preserve such improvements in air quality.

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