London X City Offers Guidelines on How to Date Lovely Women in London

London X City, which is a London, UK based website discussing interesting information regarding different aspects of life in London and in other parts of the world, is offering some guidelines on how to date lovely women in London. Despite the still ongoing pandemic, many single men are excited to actually go out on a real date with women in London and not just Internet dating, which became the norm during the height of the pandemic. However, couples who go out on a date in London will still need to follow the prevailing health and safety protocols suggested by the government.

It may be a good idea to go on a date during the day instead of at night to avoid crowded bars and restaurants. It is possible to visit the various parks and green spaces in London especially for those who are still getting to know each other. Restrictions on meeting other people outdoors have already been removed but it is still advisable to comply with the Government’s rules on social distancing in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

It is also advisable not to leave any litter behind. Facilities may still require visitors to wear face covering, especially in indoor sites so couples going on a date should respect such rules. It is also important to follow the instructions put in placed by parks services including any officials who are on site. These measures have been put in place to protect people. And finally, it is advisable not to swim in unauthorised bodies of water because there are risks of getting tangled with underwater obstructions, getting a disease, or of thermal shock because of the cold water.

There are a number of places to go for those who are dating lovely girls in London. There are actually dozens of possibilities when looking for places to go on a romantic date. For instance, it is possible to go on a date on one of the bowling alleys in London. This can provide a lot of evening fun.

Another option is to go horse riding through Hyde Park, which is one of the iconic parks in London. Aside from horse riding, dating couples can go on a boat ride along the Serpentine, which is the oldest boating lake in the city. It is possible to rent a boat and even go for a swim as long as the weather permits it.

Another possibility is having a picnic at Regent’s Park, which is one of the Royal Parks of London. This park offers a number of attractions, including the neoclassical terraces, which are great examples of the English townhouse. These include the: Gloucester Gate, Chester Terrace, Cumberland Terrace, York Terrace, Cambridge Terrace, Clarence Terrace, Cornwall Terrace, Hanover Terrace, Sussex Place, and Kent Terrace.

Dating couples who love art and architecture may want to explore Sir John Soane’s Museum by candlelight. This museum was previously the residence of Sir John Soane, architect of the Bank of England. It boasts of more than 20,000 antiquities, architectural drawings, and works by Hogarth, Canaletto, Piranesi, and Turner.

For those who love music, they can watch a classic romantic opera or ballet at the Royal Opera House. This world famous theatre is also open for daytime visitors and everyday, pre-booked guided tours are available. Dating couples who want to enjoy London during the day can grab some morning coffee or lunch at the Amphitheatre Restaurant. Or they can bring a drink to the Amphitheatre Terrace and enjoy its views across the Covent Garden Piazza.

Dating couples who want to do something simple can take a stroll along the river on the South Bank with views of the London Eye and the Houses of Parliament. The South Bank actually has several arts and cultural venues, including several attractions and restaurants to choose from.

Those who are interested in learning more about meeting and dating women in London or getting some help on relationship issues can check out the London X City website at or contact them through the telephone or via email.


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