London X City Offers Advice On How To Control Expenses On Clothes

London X City, a London, UK based website that offers information on various aspects of life in London and in various parts of the world has published a blog post offering advice on how to spend less on clothes. Spending less on clothes will not just have a positive effect on a person’s finances but it will also be beneficial to the environment because many of the processes for producing clothes have a harmful effect on the environment. More about this may be found at

The article points out that there is no reason to go out and shop for new clothes and have a completely new wardrobe every time the season changes. It is a good idea to assess one’s wardrobe first before throwing things away. Perhaps, there are clothes that may still be used for the next season. First of all, it is important to take stock and determine what clothes will really be needed for the coming season. The kinds of clothes for work and for leisure need to be assessed to find out which ones are truly needed for each category. This is important because most people wear only 10 percent of the clothes they own.

Karla, a spokesperson for London X City, says, “It is really important to minimise spending on clothes even if a new season is coming. Not only will you be able to save a significant amount of money but you can also do good for the environment because many processes for manufacturing clothes cause some harm to the environment.”

Karla continues, “Take some time to take a good look at your wardrobe and think of what you really need. Think of the clothes that you need for work and those for your leisure wear. Are you aware that most people only wear one in 10 of the clothes that they own? There is no reason to buy a completely new wardrobe and then throw away previous clothes. Think of the money you can save and how you can help in reducing harm to the environment.”

Another way to spend less on clothes is to buy them in charity shops. These are a kind of social enterprise where they sell used goods, including clothes, books, toys, DVDs, music albums, furniture, and more. Such items are simply donated to these charity shops. And many people usually get rid of their nice clothes by donating them to charity shops. That is why it is a good idea to look for good quality clothes in charity shops. Since these items were obtained for free, the charity shops sell them at very low prices. The revenue generated by the charity shop is then used for the charitable organisation’s stated charitable mission.

Another technique for spending less on clothes is to pay more for them. While this may seem counterintuitive, this is about avoiding buying cheap clothes that won’t last long. Buying cheap clothes would be more expensive in the long run because it would be imperative to buy new clothes more frequently than if the clothes were more expensive but more durable. Of course, being savvy in choosing clothes that are durable and long-lasting although a bit more expensive requires some skill and experience. It is often a good idea to go for clothes that are cotton-rich because these are less likely to shrink and will last longer.

And with regards to clothes that are no longer desired, it is not advisable to just throw them away. Old clothes may be sold at any car boot sales in one’s local area. One may sell old clothes and other household items during such events and the money obtained may be used for buying any new clothes that are needed.

Those who are interested on ideas about fashion and lifestyle in London and other cities may want to check out the London X City website, or contact them on the phone or through email.


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