London X City Offers Advice About Dating in London

London X City, which is a London, UK based website offering interesting info on various aspects of life in London and in other parts of the world is offering advice on various topics, including how to go about dating in the city. In one of their blog posts under the category of relationship advice, they provided advice on how to date safely during the present time when there is a pandemic. In this article, it is possible for two people to go out for a actual date even during a pandemic as long as they follow the recommended health protocols.

Karla, a representative for London X City, says, “There is no reason you can’t go out on physical dates during the current ongoing epidemic. However, don’t forget that it is important to follow all of the current rules and guidelines. If you play by the rules, there is no reason why you can’t meet up. Many people are already going out on first physical dates with others they have met online.”

Meanwhile, it is important to be creative while dating in London, particularly during the current pandemic. Because of the current situation, it is not easy to casually meet with another person in a coffee shop or restaurant. And it is important to be always be updated regarding the protocols to be followed. For instance, face covering may be needed when boarding taxis and public transports like buses. When entering shops, this may also be required and couples who are dating may also need to keep their distance from each other.

Fortunately, restaurants and bars in London are already prepared for such situations and often have tables and chairs arranged in such a way that social distancing can be followed. Nevertheless, dating couples also need to be alert and avoid crowds. If their options are very much limited during the night, dating couples may want to consider dating during the day in places that are usually not frequented by people who are dating.

Actually, there are many interesting places in London that dating couples can go to during the day. For example, the Tower of London is an interesting place to visit because of its importance in the history of England. It is a historic castle and one of its well-known parts is the White Tower, which served as the keep, which is the strongest part of a medieval castle. It had lodgings reserved for the king or his representative. Tickets can be purchased online and one admission ticket allows people to view the Crown Jewels, the Chapel of St Peter ad Vincula, The White Tower, Battlements, Bloody Tower, Torture at the Tower exhibition, Medieval Palace, and Fusiliers Museum and Royal Mint exhibition.

For those who love animals, they can go to the London Zoo. Tickets may also be purchased online. They advise people to pre-book their visit to the zoo so that they can ensure that the flow of visitors will be well-managed. They also advise people to follow safety protocols when they get there. Visitors are encouraged to voluntarily continue to wear face masks when inside their indoor exhibits, and retail and catering spaces. And when visitors over 11 years are in their walkthrough exhibits, they are obliged to wear face masks without exemptions. Meanwhile, their one-way routes will continue to be marked and are recommended to visitors to allow them to see everything. However, visitors may explore their own route if they prefer. The zoo management assures visitors that the zoo will not be overcrowded. Thus, dating couples will be able to enjoy the different attractions in the London Zoo, such as: the Tiger Territory, Gorilla Kingdom, Land of the Lions, Into Africa, The Aquarium, Rainforest Life and Night Life, The Reptile House, Animal Adventures, The Outback / The Mappin Terraces, and more.

People who are interested in dating in the city of London or obtaining some advice on relationship issues can visit the London X City website at or contact them on the telephone or through email.


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