London X City: It Is Time To Stop Smoking In Public

UK based publication London X City is taking steps to explore what alternatives smokers have to smoking in public following their conclusion that people should make an effort to bring this habit to an end. The team recognises, however, that smoking is quite difficult to give up, and the situation surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic has led many to exchange their once-hidden home habits with their public ones. In light of this, they are taking the time to investigate whether other options have any merit. Those interested may find a good recommendation for smoking alternatives on the London X City website.

London X City originally explored this subject in an article published later last year. “Since we have come out of lockdown,” the article observes, “the more of us have started to spend time outside. London all of a sudden has that European street cafe feel to it. We are sitting outside, drinking coffee or having a drink. Unfortunately, many of us have brought many of our bad habits with us. Before the crisis, we used to enjoy our coffee indoors. That meant we could not smoke. For some reason, we have automatically assumed it is okay to smoke now that we have to have our coffee sitting outside.”

One of the main arguments that the publication considered against smoking in public is that cigarette smoke is all but impossible to confine to the individual who is smoking. In other words, anyone nearby will likely receive and recognise the scent. Fellow smokers are unlikely to mind in such situations, but this is not always the case for non-smokers. The smell alone to non-smokers is relatively foul but there is also the stark fact that cigarettes are deeply unhealthy for all in the vicinity. The smoker, for one, can accept the risks associated with smoking when they choose to have a cigarette. Others on the road, however, will not be able to consent to this risk yet will have to deal with second-hand smoke.

As the article points out, “Your cigarette smoke can have serious health consequences for others around you. For instance, it can spell disaster for someone who suffers asthma. In a worst case scenario, someone could end up in hospital.” London’s notoriously high pollution levels can compound this problem as well, making stray cigarette smoke a health nightmare for vulnerable populations. Read more here:

London X City decided to look into vaping as an alternative as well, particularly since this has proven extremely popular in recent years. Unfortunately, they report that they swiftly found a significant issue with this too: vaping is such a new industry that relatively little is known about the risks associated with it. While many may assume this means there are no risks, this is not the case, and the publication points out that vaping manufacturers appear to be the biggest voices claiming that this activity is safe. A lack of independent study generally means that the potential dangers may not have been researched thoroughly yet (and if they have, the public should not expect manufacturers and other entities with a financial interest in the industry’s success to be completely honest about their findings. Less than a century ago, cigarettes were marketed along the claims that they were recommended by doctors. Similarly, it may be the case that vaping is indeed healthier than cigarettes — but this is relative. ‘Slightly less dangerous’ is not the same as ‘safe,’ so vaping should be approached with extreme caution, if approached at all.

The article concludes, “A small virus has turned our world upside down. Thanks to fewer people entering London on a daily basis, we have managed to cut down on pollution. How about going that extra mile and making sure we cut out other harmful air pollutants as well? One of them is certainly cigarette smoke. As I said, one cigarette may not matter so much, but all of those thousands which are smoked in London every day, are bound to have an impact on London’s air quality.”

Those interested may read more on the topic, such as whether a smoking ban plan should be implemented, by browsing London X City’s articles on their official website. Readers are welcome to contact the team directly to follow up on any further inquiries as well.


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