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London X City is an online publication that shares articles on topics such as celeb news and shows, news, money, movies, fashion, beauty, weight loss, health & body, and sports. The publication has a long history of releasing high-quality and informative articles that perfectly encapsulate life in the city of London. The website has been online since 2014 and publishes interesting topics that cover events and trends relevant to the zeitgeist on a regular basis.

One of the newer articles on the website discusses the question of whether smoking should be banned in public. It begins by saying that though smoking is not widespread enough to be a source of air pollution, it is still a nuisance when one is trying to enjoy their time in a public space. Smokers might also take issue with requests to stop smoking. The concern for one’s health can be a strong enough motivator for someone to ask those around them to stop smoking as secondhand smoke is also shown to be a potent killer.

Smokers usually get nasty looks from others around them in public as they are being responsible for fouling the air. Coffee drinkers who like to enjoy their cup of caffeine outside are especially miffed with smokers whose smoking ruins the taste of their precious coffee. When the question comes to smoking in and outside other locations such as clubs where one can find gorgeous girls in London enjoying their time in the nightlife, smoking is a surefire way of making a bad first impression.

Smoking can be a serious health hazard for those suffering from asthma or any other form of respiratory disease. A smoker might not be aware of what affliction everyone around them is suffering from. The best solution is then to smoke in designated areas only, around other smokers where they are not going to disturb anyone who is going to be highly sensitive to cigarette smoke.

An alternative to smoking that the article suggests is vaping. Vaping does not create the foul smell or aftertaste that smoking is known for. Many manufacturers claim that vaping mixers are completely safe. It is also true, however, that science hasn’t had enough time to catch up with those claims and give a conclusive answer about their safety. Smoking, at the end of the day, is not natural and it can mess with one’s health in many invisible little ways that can compound into serious problems further down the road. The article ends by discussing the overall effect that banning smoking in public could have on London’s air quality.

Another recent article on the website talks about the sudden surge of fake goods in the retail and online marketplaces. The article starts with the writer sharing a story of how they ordered a Go Pro online and had received a cheap knockoff instead of a genuine product. The product was shipped from China instead of the expected UK address. The only recourse that the writer of the article had was to shoot off an email to Paypal asking them for a refund for a product that was not as it was promised. The article then goes into a discussion of the countries where most fake goods originate from. The article talks about India, Taiwan, and China being prime suspects for specializing in fake goods due to the presence of cheap labor and large manufacturing industries.

The writer then continues to tell us how they got their money back from Paypal due to its unique buyer protection guarantee. The important tips that the writer shares are to keep all the paperwork that comes with the package, take photos when the item is first delivered, and getting in touch with Paypal right away without wasting time in case there are problems with the goods. The article concludes by saying that the buyer should use services like Paypal when shopping online as they offer buyer protection. The article also recommends buying from respected traders with ample reviews and feedback on platforms such as eBay.

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