London X City Gives Tips On How To Spend Less Money On Clothes

London X City, an online publication that shares articles on topics such as fashion, beauty, celebrities, news, weight loss, health, body, money, sports, and movies, has published a blog post advising its readers on how to save money on clothes while living in an expensive city such as London.

The blog post begins with the writer acknowledging that when seasons change, everyone has the instinct to refresh their wardrobe and get a trendy look to match the season. The blog post says that the process should begin with taking a stock of the number of clothes one already has and figuring out which ones would be appropriate for the coming season. The clothes that have been worn out or those that have been used for more than a few years should be separated with the intention of disposing of them or donating them to the nearest charity that accepts them. The blog post also reminds the readers that the manufacture of clothes has a harmful effect on the environment and hence one should be careful about the number of clothes they throw out or decide to purchase for the new season.

The blog post then asks the reader to reduce the number of clothes that they use as it can be beneficial for both the environment and their own personal budget. One way to decrease the use of clothes is to plan ahead for the season and figure out how many clothes are going to be needed based on the planned activities. The need for casual wear, outdoor wear, gym wear, and formal wear should be estimated based on the events one anticipates attending. This can change based on the season as, for example, one can expect to stock up on outdoor gear and clothes in the summer and not need them again until the next summer.

The blog post recommends splitting the clothes one has into two main categories - formal wear and leisurewear. Once the broad categorization is made it becomes easier to make further distinctions based on the type of workwear or leisurewear one might need. The blog post then presents the shocking statistic that most people only wear 10% of the clothes that they own. Though the percentage seems low, after some honest soul searching, most people will find that the statistic rings true.

The next cost-saving tip that the article recommends is visiting charity shops where people with a lot of clothes usually dump their wardrobes to make room for more. Most clothes that come to charity shops are perfectly usable and can make a great buy for anyone who doesn’t necessarily want to stay updated with the latest trends and instead wants to save a buck or two. Visiting charity shops can also be a great way to keep track of what women in London wears as styles come and go and older clothes find their way to the shops.

The next recommendation from the blog post asks readers to save up their money for good quality clothes that will last for a long time. A good place to find high-quality clothes is at high-end shops, especially when they go on sale. It can be tempting to buy clothes in bulk from a store that offers them for cheap but then one should expect the same level of quality as what they are paying for. Buying discounted items from stores that have a good reputation and a solid brand will not only help one stay on top of the trends but also save money while doing so.

Finally, the blog post tries to compel readers who are getting rid of their older clothes to instead donate them to charity shops or sell them at car boot sales and other local events. The reader should only make sure that the clothes are clean and intact before trying to donate or sell them.

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