London X City Explores The Worst Relationship Chat Up Lines

London, UK-based London X City recently published an article about the top 10 worst chat lines for people who are looking to start a relationship. London X City is an online magazine that publishes articles and posts about news and events that are mostly relevant to the City of London. They also allow people from other countries to view London through the lens of their articles.

One of their recent posts talks about the worst relationship starter lines that people are still using in conversations. The first one is, “Nice Legs, What Time Do They Open?” This line should never be used as it is extremely misogynistic, and women will just be disgusted when they hear it. The next one is, “Is your Dad a Terrorist?” It is nice to start conversations with jokes because they can be used to break the ice and get rid of the initial atmosphere of awkwardness. However, people should realize that there are certain jokes that are off-limits and inappropriate. Another line that people should avoid using is, “Are you tired?” This line is usually followed up with, “You’ve been running on my mind all day long.” There are some lines that show that a person is witty but this is not one of those lines. Instead, it shows that a person is very sleazy.

The fourth on the list of chat up lines that people should avoid using is, “Stop me if you’ve heard this before but…” This line has been overused for several decades and pretty much everyone has already heard this at least once in their lives. The next chat up line to avoid using is, “Have we met before?” Some people may actually be sincere in using this line but others who hear it may get the wrong idea as it is also a common line that people use when trying to pick up dates at the bar. Next up on the do-not-use list is, “You look like my next girlfriend.” Most guys who use this line are extremely confident that they will be able to get the girl that they are talking to. This line is also usually paired up with the act of showing off valuables like luxury car keys and expensive watches. All in all, this line just comes off as extremely arrogant.

It is also extremely inappropriate to say, “Hey Mommy, where have you been all my life?” This should just never be said as it is tactless and extremely disrespectful. Using this line is also a sign that a person doesn’t have a shred of respect for themselves. Other lines that should not be used are, “You look great, would you like to get out of here and go to my place?”, “Hey, my place or yours?” and, “Do you believe in love at first sight?” Those interested can read the full article at

London X City also tackles other relevant topics, with an emphasis on current events. In fact, an article on their website discusses what the future will look like if people do not find a vaccine for COVID-19. The post discusses how COVID-19 has affected retail stores, supermarkets, the travel industry and even the food service industry. Retail stores, even big ones like Marks and Spencer and TopShop, are struggling to cope due to declining sales. Many other trusted retail stores such as Debenhams and House of Fraser have even closed down. Supermarkets used to have people flocking to them in order to purchase everything that they wanted. However, due to COVID-19, people are now choosing to order their food online as it is more convenient and easy while also helping them avoid physical contact with other people.

Furthermore, people in the UK loved to travel overseas but are now mostly choosing to go on staycations and travel virtually instead of jetting off to other countries. They are also choosing to order takeaway instead of sitting down in restaurants to eat.

London X City also has articles on other topics, such as fashion, beauty and relationships. Those interested can read more articles by London X City via their official website.


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