London X City Explores Diet Products In New Health Care Article

London X City, one of the top London news and lifestyle blogs, recently published an article titled ‘Diet Supplements VS Diet Shakes. The article talks about some of the benefits and drawbacks of supplements and diets and attempts to clear up some of the confusion caused by misleading information found all over the internet.

Product descriptions and reviews are known for making weight loss seem a lot easier than it actually is, with many people claiming to have lost as much as 10 kilograms in as short a space of time as a few days. This causes others to have unrealistic expectations when it comes to dieting and using diet supplements. The London X City article looks into what one can expect from diet supplements and how to effectively lose weight.

“Losing 10 kilos in as many days is probably one of the most unrealistic claims the diet industry makes,” says the article. “Sure, you can lose weight in 10 days, but can you do so safely? What you really should ask yourself, is how you can lose weight safely and keep the weight off. At the end of the day, keeping the weight off should always be your ultimate goal. In that case, you should not only focus on weight loss. Making lifestyle changes is just as important. Can you make lifestyle changes when you try to lose weight using diet shakes and weight loss supplements? Before you even buy a diet shake or a weight loss supplement, you need to ask yourself if the ingredients contained in the shake or supplement are safe and effective.”

There are hundreds — if not thousands — of health care products on the market that claim they can help with weight loss. Every weight loss product contains very different ingredients and is meant to be used in a specific way, but they all claim to do the same thing, which makes it very important to recognise that not all weight loss supplements are created equal (and some have little to no effect at all). Diet shakes are meant to replace specific meals by providing a healthier source of all the nutrients one would normally get from a meal. Most diet supplements are filled with vitamins and minerals but, according to the article, they often lack fibre, which is usually what makes people feel full, and this can affect the weight loss process as a lack of fibre can leave one feeling hungry.

“Almost all of the diet shakes I checked out promoted a weight loss program and a maintenance program,” the article says. “Once you had lost the weight, the majority of them claimed they could help me to keep the weight off. But, that was not the only claim the diet shakes made. According to their brightly coloured labels, they mentioned they were natural and would benefit my all over health. I could rest assured that I would not suffer from any lack of vitamins and minerals while I used the shakes to lose weight. I could understand the theory behind that, but were they natural? It did not take me long to figure out that my idea of a natural diet shake and the manufacturer’s idea of a natural diet was rather different. Many of them also listed harmful ingredients such as artificial preservatives and sweeteners. Quite frankly, they put me off and did not really make me want to spend my hard earned cash on them.”

The article concludes that it is not completely clear whether or not weight loss supplements actually help with weight loss at all and that one is usually better off with a consistent exercise routine and a healthy diet. Read the article at

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