London X City Encourages Londoners To Keep Dating

UK based London X City is reaching out to reassure their readers that they can keep seeking a romantic connection despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. While meeting for a date is currently a more complicated affair than it was only two years ago, the publication argues that it is still possible to remain Covid safe while going on dates and meeting with other people in person. In fact, London X City encourages their community to schedule their next date in the near future.

London X City refers to an older article they published that covers this topic. While the article was originally released closer to the beginning of the pandemic, much of the information and tips in it are still valid to this day, and those interested in learning what they can do to seek romance safely are welcome to give it a read.

“Despite the fact that it is okay to meet up,” the article notes, “many people are holding back. They are worried that they are going to catch the virus and become seriously ill. But, if you play by the rules, there is no reason why you can’t meet up. Many people are already going out on first physical dates with others they have met online. To make the most out of your date, it is important to get creative. No longer is it easy to meet for a casual coffee or drink as it was before lockdown. Now, if you want to meet someone for the first time, and make them part of your social bubble, you need to plan ahead.” Learn more here:

Today, the publication observes that the public has one more important tool in the fight against the virus than they did in 2020: vaccines. While the best practice was once to mask up and maintain social distancing, people going on dates can greatly increase their defence against Covid by getting vaccinated. The bonus effect of this is that they will be contributing to the halt of community spread in addition to protecting themselves from negative outcomes. This is especially vital if they hit it off with a date and want to keep meeting up in the future. Getting sick would put a damper on romance, so precautions are always recommended.

The article continues, “If you are not part of someone’s social bubble, it is certainly a good idea to wear your face mask on your first date night. He or she may just be fine, but you never know. If you can keep social distance, there may not be a need for a mask. Nevertheless, you should consider it an option. After all, you need to wear your mask on all public transport in London.” London X City clarifies here that the advent of new Covid variants may mean that this advice is no longer applicable, and staying masked as much as possible may be better for all parties involved.

The same is true for social distancing, but the publication does acknowledge that this is not practical in the long run. As time goes on and the relationship develops, couples will likely wish to engage in more physical intimacy, such as holding hands, kissing and more. London X City says this is probably best avoided in the early days but there is little reason it cannot be accommodated once each person becomes a more constant feature in the other’s life. At this point, they say, the two will be part of each other’s regular social bubble and can plan their activities better.

As the article says, “Can you kiss? Well, this is the big question everybody would like to have an answer to. Sadly, kissing a new love interest during the coronavirus is not the smartest thing to do. Wait until you have known each other for a couple of weeks. If you have not come down with the virus, it should be safe to kiss.”

The full article can be read on the London X City website. Those interested in dating during the pandemic are welcome to visit the following link to learn more: London Girls Dating. More information on the latest fashion trends, movies, financial updates and so on can also be found here.


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