London X City Discusses The Effect of Lemon Water and Other Diet Fads on Weight Loss

London X City, an online publication that writes about topics such as celebrity news and shows, fashion & beauty, news, money, weight loss, health & body, sports, and movies, has published an article that discusses the effect of fad diets such as lemon water, apple cider vinegar, and dietary supplements on weight loss.

Lemon water has been often quoted as being an easy weight loss solution for those who are looking to drop pounds quickly in preparation for a special event. It is discussed in the same vein as other homemade weight loss solutions such as apple cider vinegar. Those who are willing to shell out a pretty penny on supplements can also find themselves inundated with the plethora of claims that each brand seems to have corroborating its efficacy. The blog from London X City looks at all the claims that are floating out there and presents an unbiased and illuminating conclusion about the reality of weight loss.

Lemon water is simply a mixture of fresh lemon juice with water. Lemons, being a citrus fruit, are rich in vitamin C. Therefore, consuming lemon water is going to have its health benefits owing to the large concentration of vitamin C. Lemon water can improve digestion, enhance focus, and increase energy levels, while at the same time being a refreshing drink that is very low on calories. If anyone is addicted to soft drinks that are loaded with sugar, lemon water can be a great low-calorie alternative that can keep their cravings satiated.

Drinking lemon water regularly throughout the day keeps the body adequately hydrated. Dehydration is one of the major causes of fatigue and a lack of energy. A dehydrated body will suffer from irregular body temperature and decreased physical performance. The body’s metabolism also suffers if there isn’t enough water in the system.

Hydration is extremely important as drinking water can increase metabolism by inducing thermogenesis. In thermogenesis, calories are spent to warm the body to offset the cooling effects of the water. Some research also shows that sipping on water throughout the day aids in weight loss as it increases the breakdown of fats.

Drinking lemon water will also stave off hunger as the stomach feels partially full, decreasing the urge to reach for a quick snack. Cutting off the constant nibbling of sweet and fatty foods throughout the day will not only help the body decrease its calorie intake but also prevent the onset of more serious lifestyle diseases such as Type-II diabetes.

However, despite its potential as a great soft-drink substitute, it is not the panacea to weight loss that most people that sing its praises claim it to be. Almost all the benefits of lemon water that directly affect one’s weight, such as keeping one hydrated and reducing the feeling of being hungry by keeping one’s stomach full are due to the consumption of water. Lemon juice does very little to add to the already plentiful benefits of regularly drinking water throughout the day.

The article then discusses other diets and supplements London girls are using by talking about the author’s experience with apple cider vinegar and diet supplements. Proponents of apple cider vinegar have claimed that drinking a small amount before meals helps control the appetite, reducing the number of calories ingested, and helps burn more fat. However, there are no scientific studies that support these claims. Diet supplements are another diet fad that keeps popping up from time to time due to the large amount of marketing money that is spent on them. Diet supplements always include a fine print on their packaging that says that their products only work in conjunction with a low-calorie diet.

The article concludes by saying that despite the promises of quick weight loss, losing weight is not as easy as some products make it out to be. It takes hard work and dedication to get the body of one’s dreams and that is only possible by following a strict calorie-controlled diet and doing plenty of physical activity.

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