London X City Discusses How the City Has Been Affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic

London X City, an online resource that discusses various topics related to London and other parts of the world, is publishing articles that focus on how the coronavirus pandemic has been affecting people in London. There is one question that is often asked by many people - “Is corona virus vaccine ready,” and would people be able to go back to where they were before the pandemic or whether there would be a new normal.

Coronavirus vaccines have recently been released in the UK but there are many concerns that remain. Three types of vaccines for COVID-19 have been approved for used in the UK by the country’s independent regulatory body. These vaccines were developed by Oxford/AstraZeneca, Moderna, and Pfizer/BioNTech. All of them have been deemed to be safe after having gone through the typical rigorous testing process as any other vaccine. All have been designed to protect people from the symptoms of COVID-19 and help save lives.

The vaccination programme for London and the whole UK is being delivered by the National Health Service (NHS), which will contact people directly when it is their turn. At present, over a million Londoners have already been vaccinated. Unfortunately, some people are concerned about reports of serious adverse effects of the vaccines reported in various parts of the world. Nevertheless, the NHS is assuring people that the COVID-19 vaccine is safe. To be approved, vaccines have had to comply with the UK’s strict standards of quality, safety, and effectiveness, which includes the evaluation of all data from the various trials that the vaccines went through.

Meanwhile, a previous blog post on London X City, had tackled the possibility of a vaccine not being found for the coronavirus and the possible consequences. This blog post can be read at The primary question on whether a vaccine will be found has already been answered since there are three kinds of vaccines available for Londoners. However, the broader question on what the future will look like still remains.

It is feared that the pandemic has many long-lasting effects even after people have been vaccinated. For instance, many retail analysts believe that it is now too late for the high street. While there has been a steady move from buying in physical stores to online shopping, the process has been accelerated as a result of the pandemic. More and more stores have been shutting down, including reputable retail outlets, such as House of Fraser and Debenhams. It appears that the future of shopping is online and the latest retail statistics indeed confirm such a trend.

Another aspect of London life that has been affected by the pandemic is the way people work. Many people have started to work from home and would prefer to continue working from home. This is expected to have an impact on business parks and on the so-called “office supply chain”. Just like with the online shopping trend, the work from home trend has been accelerated by the pandemic.

Another industry that may have been affected by the pandemic is the travel industry. While Brits love to take holidays and travel somewhere, it appears that there will be less travel in the future. It seems that people will simply be traveling virtually in the future and Londoners will merely go on staycations. Furthermore, eating out will friends and family will be much less frequent in the future. This implies that restaurants will likely become smaller and majority of their sales will be takeaways and home deliveries.

Those who would like to know more about issues regarding the pandemic, such as when the government will be providing vaccines to everybody, can visit the London X City website, or contact them through the telephone or via email. More health-related blog posts are available on the site on various topics, such as whether to prohibit smoking in public places, the risks of following an extreme diet, and how to breathe better in the city of London.


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