London X City Discusses A Future Without The COVID-19 Vaccine

London X City is reaching to inform the wider community about the effects of COVID-19 and what a future without a vaccine might look like. London X City is a blog site that publishes articles that are mostly centered around living in London. This allows others to explore London without physically going there.

An article on the website talks about how the coronavirus has already mutated multiple times. The strain that can be found in the UK and other parts of the world is different from the strain that can be found in the US, for instance. An entirely new strain seems to be emerging in China as well. This, along with other several factors, makes the medical establishment unsure of when a vaccine for COVID-19 can be found.

This has led many to question what the future will look like and the article, entitled ‘What If We Don’t Find A Vaccine For Coronavirus?’ sheds light on some speculation. The full article can be read here:

Retail analysts believe that it is already too late for many retail stores. The number of stores that are closing is growing larger and larger, and trusted retail stores such as Debenhams and House of Fraser have already closed. Department shopping, which has always been popular in the UK, is also declining. Big stores such as Marks and Spencer and Top Shop are struggling as well. People have already begun to change the way they shop thanks to the Internet — but COVID-19 has sped the process up.

The supermarket industry has also taken a huge hit. People used to love flocking to huge out of town supermarkets and purchasing all that they wanted. However, they now seem to prefer buying their food online. Ordering food online is rather easy since all they need to do is fill in an online form or go through a website, and this saves them the trouble of having to trek their way to the supermarket in person. Once they have placed their order online, they can sit back at home and wait for their food and daily essentials to arrive. Discount retailers such as Aldi and Lidl are said to be thinking about riding this trend, and even Amazon is partnering up with a major food delivery business in pursuit of this change. People are also starting to buy more from local and smaller shopping schemes. They prefer dealing with smaller growers than larger farmers who may not be supplying good quality food.

Brits love travelling as well, but even before the pandemic, the travel industry was already under strain. Taxes were increased to reduce the environmental impact of frequent flights. People in the UK were already being encouraged to reduce their amount of air travel, but COVID-19 has made air travel pretty much impossible. In the future, it seems people will continue to travel virtually and have staycations instead of jetting off somewhere else. The travel industry in the UK was already changing but COVID-19 has made the changes come earlier.

Even the act of going out for meals is going through an evolution. Companies such as Uber have made ordering takeaway an easier process, and people are now ordering more takeaway than ever before. They still love eating with friends but it is more likely for them to do it in the comfort of their homes now. In the future, having smaller restaurants and eating takeaway from home might be the norm.

What the future and the ‘new normal’ will look like has not been fully established yet. However, it can be seen that life is becoming increasingly isolated as more and more people start to establish personal bubbles to stay safe from COVID-19. Another thing that has become obvious is that a staying-at-home revolution has begun. People can purchase pretty much everything they need from food to legal services online nowadays, and they are starting to do so. The article ends with the speculation that everyone would have to live our lives inside a bubble if a COVID-19 vaccine is not found.

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