London X City Comments On Dating During the Pandemic

UK based London X City would like to reach out to the wider public and talk about safe dating during a pandemic. They have also published an article, titled ‘Safe Dating During Global Epidemics,’ on their website.

The world has been facing a pandemic for quite some time now. The COVID-19 virus was first detected towards the end of 2019, but it has rapidly spread like wildfire across the planet in the short time since. This has affected many aspects of people’s lives, including working, studying and shopping. Due to the virus and every measure that has been implemented to fight against it, many have been wondering whether they can still go out on physical dates.

Despite the current situation, the publication states that people in London can still go out on physical dates. Of course, there are certain rules and guidelines when going out. There are also other aspects to consider in addition to these requirements. Those who wish to go on dates should think about wearing face masks when they leave their homes. This is especially the case when they are not a part of the other party’s social bubble. If social distance can be maintained, a face mask may not be necessary, but it should still be an option. Speaking of social distancing, many individuals may not be too sure about how much distance they need to maintain. A general rule of thumb is to maintain at least one metre apart from each other. Fortunately, most pubs, bars, and restaurants have made adjustments in order to accommodate social distancing. There are also some places that have placed extra large tables on their premises just for patrons on dates. With these measures in place, dating girls in London is certainly possible.

Now that the question of whether physical dates are possible during the COVID-19 pandemic has been addressed, the publication says the question turns to the issue of choosing something to do during a date. The usual meet ups for meals and drinks is still possible, but the popular places for doing this may be quite crowded. As such, couples may want to try out other dating activities available in London. There are also certain places that were packed before but now have far fewer people present because of the pandemic. For example, the Tower of London once had people lining up for hours just to get in. However, couples can now get into this popular site much more easily. For those who do not feel like going into the Tower, there are other spots, such as the London Zoo where they can watch animals, have a cup of tea and let their inner child come out. The London Zoo is also more visitor-friendly compared to other zoos, so even those who do not really enjoy zoos can still have fun.

Another great date spot in London is Kew Gardens. Unfortunately, only around 10% of Londoners have ever been to this beautiful place with its iconic Palm House, filled with large water lily leaves. In early spring, there is a wonderful butterfly display in the Palm House, during which hundreds of the insects fly around. Meanwhile, in the winter, there are usually light shows and sculpture exhibitions. Couples who need a break from all the sights can take a break in the cafe. No matter when couples decide to visit the Kew Gardens, there will always be something beautiful to witness.

A classic date option that remains available is a picnic in a London park. As long as couples bring a large blanket, social distancing will not be difficult to maintain. However, couples need to remember a couple of details. Sharing cutlery, drinks and cups should not be done, for instance. Each also needs to have their own sets of cutlery and their own cans or cups as a precaution against the COVID-19 virus.

The last big question that many people may have regarding dating during the pandemic is whether kissing is still on the table. Unfortunately, kissing a new love interest is not currently a good idea due to the COVID-19 virus. However, if couples have gotten to know each other for some time and are confident that they are both safe from the virus, then kissing should be safe.

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