London Marathon Conquered By Reading Osteopath Rob Bryson

UK based Reflex Spinal Health is pleased to share that Reading Osteopath Rob Bryson completed the London Marathon. Rob Bryson completed the monumental race with an impressive time of 3 hours and 8 minutes, and he even completed the second half in a shorter time than the first 13 miles. To make this achievement even more incredible, this was his first attempt at running the full distance. Learn more here: Reading Osteopath Rob Bryson Completes London Marathon.

Prior to the marathon held on the 3rd of October 2021, Rob spoke about his reasons for running for the charity of his choice, the St George’s Hospital Charity. In his words, this charity is, “an amazing cause, even more so given how much we’ve relied on and appreciated the NHS over the last 18 months.” He highlighted a special aspect to the charity, the fact that they are in the process of raising funds for a ‘Forget Me Not’ suite in the hospital, which is intended to be a special place for parents to mourn and spend final moments with their children in privacy after facing tragic losses. The transformation of this suite is hoped to make a significant difference for families who are going through a difficult time.

Bryson further explained that he has a personal connection to this cause, as two friends spent time in the suite a few years ago after the tragic loss of their first daughter, who was stillborn. These friends, alongside many others, have raised an impressive amount for the charity, and he explained that he wished to raise as much as he could through the marathon for this great cause. He also said that he had set himself the target of running the marathon in 3 hours and 15 minutes or better, a challenging target which he succeeded in achieving. He also expressed his gratitude to those who supported this cause, stating, “I massively appreciate your support and any contribution big or small — thanks, everyone!”

He also insisted that the muscle pain in the aftermath of the marathon was not as bad as expected, but he made it a point to see one of the Reflex massage therapists for effective sports massage therapy the morning after. There are many benefits of sports massage, including increased circulation in the muscle, decreasing muscle tension and relieving pain, muscle cramps, aches and soreness. It is common for runners to feel really sore the first few days after the marathon due to delayed onset muscle soreness, which can be decreased through sports massages. Massage therapy helps to promote healing of the soft tissues.

After a marathon, a runner may suffer from minor strains and micro-tearing of muscle tissue. The massage, which usually lasts no longer than 15 minutes, also helps speed up the recovery process for the body. Indeed, many charities at the marathon supported it by providing these massage and treatment options after the race. Bryson himself found himself introduced to Osteopathy as the result of a rugby injury, which eventually led him to pursue a Masters in Osteopathy at Leeds Beckett University. He is an invaluable member of the Reflex team, as he is always considerate of the needs of their patients during their recovery process and is dedicated to helping them through every step of the way.

The team at Reflex Spinal Health is keen on promoting a healthy life, starting with a healthy spine. As award-winning Reading chiropractors and osteopaths, they strive to help their patients achieve pain relief and regain their active lifestyles. For clients in the Reading area, Reflex is the place to go when in need of an experienced chiropractor or osteopath. The centre offers excellent chiropractic care, osteopathy, massage therapy and spinal rehabilitation treatment and can help provide pain relief for many musculoskeletal conditions. Common issues for many include back pain, neck pain, sciatica and headaches. Reflex Spinal Health also offers cutting edge K-Laser Therapy for a wide variety of conditions. The centre has also won the award for best health and wellbeing provider in the whole Thames Valley region, presented by the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce.

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