Lombardi: We Were the First to Primary Kinzinger

Jack Lombardi, Republican primary opponent to incumbent Adam Kinzinger in Illinois’ 16th Congressional District, reminded people today that newcomer Catalina Lauf is not Kinzinger’s first primary opponent, as has been mentioned in the media.

“Catalina is welcome to challenge Adam Kinzinger, but I want to be clear that we have been in this race since the end of January,” said Lombardi, “We have been leading the charge to get us back on the road to greatness that President Trump had us on and which Joe Biden is steering away from. Honesly, Biden wants socialism, he must - how can you explain his America last policies if it wasn't true.”

Lombardi also addressed President Joe Biden’s recent moves on immigration. “Americans need to get back to work before we address Joe Biden's job killing and dangerous immigration policy,” he said. “I’m calling for an immigration moratorium and completion of the border wall.”

An America-first candidate, whom the Trump team is keeping a close eye on in this primary, Lombardi is running on strong platform of bringing patriot values back to American politics in Washington.

Jack Lombardi for Congress IL 16th District


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