Local USPS Shipping Store Warning of Backlog and Delayed Shipping Times

USPS shipping store in Highland

Highland, Ill. - The Mail Box Store is warning customers of potential shipping delays with the United States Postal Service (USPS). The local USPS shipping store in Highland warns that USPS is facing the largest backlog in the company’s history, leaving many packages delayed. 

The backlog is a perfect storm of ongoing events from 2020, such as the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic that swept the world. The pandemic increased shipping demands for essential items, as many around the country were placed on stay-at-home orders. The increased demand continued into the end of the year as the 2020 presidential election saw a large number of mail-in-ballots. Additionally, as the nation moved into the holidays, many people remained at home and decided to mail holiday gifts. This perfect storm initiated by COVID-19 has created the largest backlog in the history of USPS. 

Along with USPS, COVID-19 has created a strain on private shipping companies such as FedEx and (United Parcel Service) UPS, causing both companies to deny shipments from retailers that are above a certain threshold. Retailers are then forced to turn to USPS, as the company cannot legally turn down a shipment based on volume.

We’re really gridlocked all over the place. It’s bad. I’ve never seen it like this before. UPS and FedEx have shut us off. Nobody can keep up right now, but we don’t have the luxury of turning people down. [We’re] sitting on so much mail right now that it’s almost one day at a time in these facilities,” stated the USPS transportation manager.

The Mail Box Store has been family owned and operated since 2007. The shipping store in Highland is dedicated to helping customers the best they can during this unprecedented time. The Mail Box Store provides each customer with exceptional service for all printing, packing, and shipping needs. For more information on shipping services, give them a call at (618) 651-4700 or visit them online at www.themailboxstore.net.


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