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Insects and rodents in San Diego are not uncommon and all properties are at risk of experiencing some type of pest issue eventually. Especially those that do not utilize any type of prevention methods to ensure the insects and rodents do not invade. Pest Agents is offering superior treatments for insects, rats and mice in the San Diego region for both homes and businesses.

Some insects are harder to eliminate and others can easily be prevented in simple ways,” the manager said. “We will gladly give our recommendations on how to prevent the rodents or insects from returning after we have treated your property. It’s much easier to deal with pests when you stay ahead of the issue.

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When spiders are found in San Diego properties they’re typically only in there because they’re feasting on the smaller insects that drew the spiders in while they were looking for food. So, that is a bonus to spiders being inside a property. Unfortunately, they are unsightly insects so most people prefer they stay outside of their personal space.

We can treat for the spiders and at the same time we also treat the smaller insects that act as the spiders’ food sources. Eliminating the food will cause the spiders to move on, should they mistakenly come inside again,” the manager added.

Ants are a harder pest to treat because they can have very large colonies and build their nests in hard to reach or see areas. They can also take longer to treat due to this reason. Pest Agents offers ant control solutions that can be applied indoors and out.

The manager also said, “Our rodent control services are top notch. We know where to find the entry points where they’re gaining access inside a property. These guys can squeeze through tiny holes so the first step to preventing rodents, and other pests, is sealing up all holes, fixing damaged screens or vents and ensuring there are no entry points. Our team will do just that because we understand the health hazard that is living with rats or mice.

Rats and mice can carry and transmit disease to people so it’s important that a person doesn’t live among an infestation of rodents. One can determine if they have a rodent problem if they notice feces, which will be dark and rice-like in shape. Or if they come across something that appears to be gnawed or chewed through like boxes, wires, rags; just about anything.

To schedule insect or rodent control with Pest Agents in San Diego, CA they can be reached by phone or online at https://pest-agents.ueniweb.com/. They provide one-time and regular, ongoing treatment plans customized to the pest needs of the individual property being treated.


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