Local Tallahassee Plumbing Company Highlights First Luxury Kitchen Summit

Tallahassee, Fla. - A new Luxury Kitchen Summit will take place virtually from June 23-24, 2021, sponsored by the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA). Designers from the top NKBA brands in the luxury market and industry experts who will address the latest definition of luxury will be featured during the two-day summit. According to the local Tallahassee plumbing company, in addition to supplying insight into how to approach high net-worth clients, the summit will also cover topics such as how to become a luxury designer and how to select products.

“One of the most interesting trends in the last couple of years has been the shift in what luxury has come to mean, that it’s not just about how much money someone spends,” said Suzie Williford, the summit host, and chief strategy officer of NKBA, “What we found in our recent luxury kitchen study is that the uber high-end clientele, the 0.1 percent if you like, equates luxury with freedom from design rules and it’s a very personalized experience that is unique and customized for their needs. You can see examples of this in our recently published book, The Luxury Kitchen, which showcases the distinctive kitchens by the designers who participated in our study.”

Several topics will be explored in-depth at the summit, including the definition of luxury clients, what they think and who they are, modern kitchen design, the role of public relations, and so much more.

Renovation Angel and the NKBA formed a strategic partnership to recognize designers and brands that upcycle kitchen components and recycle them. This Luxury Kitchen Award presented by NKBA will also be announced during the summit at the end of day one.

A huge part of any luxury kitchen is its innovative fixtures and plumbing. Mr. Rooter of Tallahassee is thrilled to see what a summit such as this can do for the industry. Providing 24/7 services to customers across the Tallahassee area, Mr. Rooter offers kitchen sink repair along with a wide variety of kitchen plumbing services. For more information, or to request services give them a call at (850) 273-5665 or visit them online at https://www.mrrooter.com/tallahassee.


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