Local Sacramento Pest Company Offering Wildlife Control

Many times property owners will deal with the little pest issues that arise from time to time inside their home. When it comes to wild animals, however, not many property owners know where to begin. That’s when they should call Pest Control Alphas. This company services the Sacramento and Fresno areas with general pest control and also wildlife control.

“Not all wild animals are bad, but when they starting invading your space or causing damage to your property, it’s clear that they need to be dealt with. We have a team of experts that can safely and effectively help you deal with the wild animals causing you grief,” the business owner said.

The company uses certain tools and their expert team contains a certain set of skills that allows them to successfully deal with wildlife invading Sacramento properties. They will detect where the animals are gaining access to your yard or home, clean up anything the animals have left behind (droppings) and sanitize when necessary once the animals have been removed.

“In addition to getting rid of the wild animal problem, our professionals will take the time to advise the property owner of ways to prevent future problems with wildlife. Some of the wild animals we get calls for include raccoons, squirrels, coyotes, possums, gophers, skunks and moles. Nobody wants to deal with these critters and we completely understand so we provide services just for that,” the owner added.

There are many reasons a property owner should not simply avoid dealing with wild animals on their property. Even so, many times the problem worsens with more wild animals showing up because they weren’t dealt with from the beginning.

“We encourage you to phone our team at Pest Control Alphas should you have a problem with squirrels or raccoons or any other wild critter. Many times the problem can be resolved quickly, especially when we are contacted right away. Even if you just have a question about the particular animal that keeps visiting you, we are here to help,” the company manager said.

To learn more about Pest Control Alphas or to schedule wildlife control services residents can call or visit them online. They provide same day service and may be able to provide an estimate by phone, depending on the pest issue.


For more information about Pest Control Alphas, contact the company here:

Pest Control Alphas
(916) 823-9585
Sacramento, CA 95819