Local Exterminator Offering Pest Control Service to San Diego County

Pest Control of Vista is a new pest control company in San Diego County that is offering professional pest control service to the entire county. The company has a team of 15 exterminators who are all highly trained on how to exterminate each type of pest that is native to Vista, California. The company opened recently and has been flooded with phone calls ever since. They have had great reviews for their services with many people saying their services are fast and effective.

The president was interviewed over the weekend about the opening saying, “Pest Control of Vista was started because we believe no family should be uncomfortable in their own home. No one deserves to have the stress of always worrying about disease carrying or annoying pests in their home or commercial property. Our team has been through hours of training that teaches them how to treat every kind of pest in the area. They all have prior experience in pest control before working here also. Our goal is to battle the growing threat of pests taking over our home.”

Pests have been an increasing problem in San Diego County for a number of families. The number of pest infestations in the area seems to be growing. A representative of Pest Control of Vista added to this in a recent interview, “Pests are becoming harder and harder to treat. The reason for this is because they are adapting to everyday treatments like over the counter products and diy methods. This is especially true for bed bugs in Vista. They are becoming resilient to these methods. Professional treatment is becoming the only option most people can take in some scenarios depending on the infestation. Most pests infest a property so quickly and spread so fast that professional services are the only way to go.”

Good pest control services can be hard to find these days. Pest Control of Vista seems like a good bet with how many good reviews they have been getting. Local residents worried they have a pest infestation on their property should consider calling them. They can be reached by phone or go to their website at https://pestcontrol-vista.com/. They are open every weekday from 8 am to 5 pm but are closed on weekends.


For more information about Pest Control of Vista, contact the company here:

Pest Control of Vista
Pest Control of Vista
(760) 659-5635
248 Alestar St. #4
Vista, CA 92084