Local Experts Share Insight On The Benefits Of Hiring An Independent Insurance Company

San Antonio, Texas-based Falcon Insurance Services Inc is reaching out to the community to share information on the numerous benefits of hiring an independent insurance agency. Through a post published recently on their website, the company continues to pursue the goal of helping as many members of the community as possible. They have upheld this mission for more than a decade, a period over which they have earned a distinguished reputation for excellent services as well as a caring nature.

"Though they are numerous, not many people know of the benefits that they can enjoy by hiring an independent insurance agency," says Mercedes Villarreal, a representative of Falcon Insurance Services. She says that the lack of knowledge and familiarity is the most common factor keeping people from choosing this convenient and much more beneficial alternative.

Villareal explains, "Everyone knows that this is an option, but they do not know just what they are missing by continuing to choose their insurance based on habit. The coverage and possibilities of your insurance can truly have a significant impact on your life, and as such, we are committed to helping you make the best choice. We believe this will be easier once you know of the benefits you stand to gain by hiring an independent agency."

According to Villareal, one of the most notable advantages that independent agencies have to offer is the ability to choose the extent of the coverage according to one's needs. Independent agents represent many different insurance companies, each offering different coverage options and price points. This facilitates the ability to compare one option to another, helping save money and time while still getting insurance coverage that fits all of one's needs. Most independent agencies sell for 5-8 different insurance companies, though companies like Falcon Insurance Services have as many as 20 different underwriters to choose from.

Aside from helping to find better, more affordable options, independent insurance companies can also offer guidance to their clients. A good independent agent will be able to assess their client's insurance needs and match them with the insurance carrier best equipped to meet them. Most of the time, they will present their clients with a curated set of viable options, along with the invaluable advice of a licensed insurance professional.

"We will sit down and discuss the possibilities with you, making sure that we understand your individual needs and financial opportunities. With such high stakes, you want to make sure that you have all of the information on hand before you make a decision. We understand that it is not just about finding a price you can afford, but also about making certain you are appropriately covered, avoiding a potential catastrophe somewhere in the future," states Villareal.

Another benefit of hiring an independent agent is that they will act on their client's behalf as an advocate. This can save precious time and effort as well as help avoid unnecessary frustration, as these companies possess the means of communication and contacts needed to make billings or claim concerns go smoothly. Companies like Falcon Insurance Services offer helpful resources and tips on their website that can make these processes easier, though they can also act as advocates as needed for their clients.

All of these benefits come at almost no downside, as independent insurance companies offer accessible, affordable and convenient solutions under one roof. They are closely involved with their communities, making an effort to understand each client's needs and then work to find an option that meets them, going as far as simplifying, clarifying and explaining all of the details of the coverage in question.

Falcon Insurance Services works with over 25 insurance providers to offer their clients a broad array of options, guaranteeing that they can find a fitting solution regardless of their needs. Some of the areas of insurance areas covered include Commercial Insurance, Home Insurance, Car Insurance and RV Insurance, among several others.


Falcon Insurance Services Inc.'s website offers more details on the company. Interested parties may reach out to Mercedes Villarreal to follow up on any inquiries as well. Additionally, they may connect with the company through their official social media platforms or fill out the contact form on their website.


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