Local Dallas County Exterminators Offering Bed Bug Treatments

One of Dallas’s preferred pest control companies is now offering bed bug treatments to residents and business owners. Best Dallas Pest Control offers a wide variety of pest control solutions, like many other local exterminators, but they’re also providing superior solutions for pesky bed bugs; a pest not all exterminators treat for.

We have seen instances of bed bugs in Dallas increase and decrease over the years. It’s kind of like a roller-coaster. Regardless, we feel great knowing that Dallas residents can count on us to treat for bed bugs in their home or business,” the manager said.


Bed bugs were a serious issue decades ago and then for a long time they seemed to have disappeared. Now they have returned and instances of them are popping up in many cities across the U.S., not just Dallas, TX.

This pest is very invasive if left untreated. They breed quickly and feed on humans while they sleep, often leaving behind redness or even welts on the person’s skin. They are nocturnal pests so if they’re easily noticeable during the daytime, this means a serious infestation is present.

“We always advise residents to take immediate action when they have discovered or simply suspect that bed bugs are present. Doing this will lessen the amount of time it takes to fully treat them, and could save you costs on treatment. Treating an infestation will require more time and effort on our part and the customer’s part. This can be avoided by calling a bed bug exterminator right away,” the manager added.

These little bugs use a part of their mouth to pierce a person’s skin to feed on their blood. While they do not carry disease, some people can have an allergic reaction to their bite. Their name is accurate as they start in a person’s bed, but when given enough time to breed and multiply, they will begin spreading to nearby areas of the bed.

We provide bed bug inspections to help our customers determine if it’s bed bugs they’re seeing, or some other pest. Once we determine the problem, we devise the best treatment plan based on our findings. Then treatment can begin. We also let our customers know of anything they need to do prior, during or post-treatment to get the best results,” the manager said.

The company also advises that people looking to purchase used goods, fully inspect the item(s) ‘outside’ of their homes or property, prior to taking it inside. Bed bugs are great at hiding and are just the size of an apple seed, so a thorough inspection will be necessary to identify an issue.

Dallas residents looking to hire an exterminator for bed bugs can contact Best Dallas Pest Control directly from their website, or by calling them. They treat many property types; homes, businesses and more.


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