Local Crane Brokers Help Clients Buy Or Sell Cranes And Heavy Equipment

Lemont, IL based Crane Network are pleased to announce that they are offering their assistance to those looking to purchase or sell cranes and other heavy equipment. Clients may get in touch with the team today to get started.

Crane Network is one of the most trusted crane brokers in the heavy equipment industry, wielding more than 20 years of experience in connecting buyers and sellers of cranes, heavy equipment, parts and attachments. They have a team of sales professionals who are knowledgeable at various marketing tools and techniques that can be used to generate offers. They also have a network of industry partners who are ready to provide appraisals, inspections, financing, insurance and transportation when required.

Crane Network’s years of industry experience and excellent customer service have enabled them to become one of the most established and reputable names in the online equipment marketplace. They have also been able to maintain their success and reputation for all of these years thanks to their unwavering dedication of actively assisting their clients in the purchase or sale of their heavy equipment.

Cranes are very useful tools to have, especially for any party that is involved in large-scale construction projects. They can help construction tasks and jobs be completed more quickly and efficiently. However, purchasing a crane is not light on the wallet. Cranes can cost a contractor large amounts of money — and they may not be willing or able to pay for one. Fortunately, they have the option to rent the cranes they need instead of resorting to a purchase. The process of renting cranes can be more cost-efficient as long as they know what they should get. Different projects require different cranes, and getting the right crane can mean the difference between having a project go smoothly or wasting money on renting equipment. Crane Network can help those who want to rent the right cranes and the proper equipment for their projects.

The company also provides a variety of services designed to assist with the sale of cranes and heavy equipment. They offer several packages for those who wish to have their equipment seen by customers, and these can be used to generate listings that can be customized based on the type of equipment, number of equipment and duration of the listings. They also offer email blasts, featured listings, social media promotions and optimized search listings.

The companies and the people who have made use of Crane Network’s services speak highly of the company. Fernando Gonzales of Big B Crane says in a testimonial featured on the Crane Network website, “Throughout the years, Crane Network has been our 'go-to' online marketplace for advertising our used Cranes as well as sourcing/purchasing cranes to add to our rapidly expanding crane rental fleet. With the fast-changing crane market, Kristina Petrocelli has been there providing top notch customer service and valuable ideas for listing our cranes in the most professional, prompt manner in order to assist us in getting the most out of our marketing dollars. Kristina is the kind of employee that sets Crane Network apart from other online marketplaces.”

Big D Heavy Equipment says in another featured testimonial, “Crane Network has been very crucial with our company's sales of cranes and heavy equipment. As a used heavy equipment dealer, Crane Network has increased our exposure to clients throughout the world with the equipment we have available for sale. Not only is the website easy to use, but the support staff is available almost immediately to assist with any questions or help that you need. As for the sales of the equipment, I believe that if our company would not have started listing equipment for sale on the website, we would not be where we are today. We have increased our sales of cranes to companies worldwide by triple, and it looks like it will continue to rise. We believe that if you are looking for a way to increase exposure and sales, have the support staff you want, and have an easy to use tool, then Crane Network should be the only option for you.”

Those who are looking for ranes for rent or sale may check out Crane Network’s website for more details. Alternatively, clients may connect with Crane Network on social media to stay up to date with their news and announcements.


For more information about Crane Network LLC, contact the company here:

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