Local Cincinnati Pest Control Company Providing Bed Bug Solutions

Bed bugs are becoming a very common pest in many cities across the United States. Cincinnati, OH is one of them. Proactive Bed Bug Control is providing bed bug solutions to properties throughout Hamilton County to help residents obtain and keep their home or business free of these bugs.

Bed bugs are resilient to traditional treatments and this makes it harder for people to perform DIY pest control on this particular pest. Bed bugs will require the help of a professional due to the commercial-grade solutions they provide. In addition, we perform an inspection to determine the extent of the issue,” the team manager said.

This individual pest will hide out in crevices and cracks on a bed frame, only to emerge at nighttime to feed on people while they sleep. The numbing agent in their saliva that they inject when piercing the skin is why most people never wake up; they don’t feel it. It’s not until morning when they awake itching and have bumps on their body where the skin was pierced.

We always encourage our customers to perform their own inspection regularly if they travel a lot or buy used items frequently. These pests are so small they can easily hide so it’s important to thoroughly inspect for them. You’ll want to use a flashlight and we recommend doing it when it’s dark, and check your bed frame, headboard, mattress seams, bedding seams, baseboards, boxspring, and any nearby furniture,” the team manager added.

There are several different aspects to bed bug treatments. Proactive Bed Bug Control offers conventional treatments but sometimes they may recommend heat treatment. Heat treatments consist of warming the space to 120 degrees Fahrenheit or more for an hour and a half. Doing so will kill off any eggs and active bed bugs in the room.

Heat treatment is not ideal for all situations and we will determine which method works best for your particular situation,” the manager said. “Our conventional method, which is a 4-step process, may be a better option for you. If you’re experiencing an infestation then there will also be additional steps you’ll need to do on your end. We discuss this in great detail when it’s required.”

Cincinnati residents experiencing a problem with bed bugs, or that suspect this pest is present, they can contact Proactive Bed Bug Control from their website or by giving them a call. They also provide treatments for roaches, flies, stinging insects, earwigs, beetles and more.


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