Local Chattanooga Shipping Store Addresses Package Thefts by Porch Pirates

Chattanooga, TN — With the gift-giving season just around the corner, everyone can expect to see packages stacked on doorsteps. Unfortunately, the fact that such packages can be seen from the street will result in an unfortunate downside – package theft. A Chattanooga FedEx Shipping Store is sharing the data surrounding these thefts in order to keep their community informed as well as providing some tips on how to outfox “Porch Pirates.”

The increase in individuals purchasing products online as well as the high number of packages being sent as gifts (which is typical of the season) means that there will be a larger than ever number of unattended packages sitting on porches this year. The window of time when most package thefts occur is during the day when nobody is home and this number is steadily rising. Results compiled in a 2020 Package Theft Statistics Report were cited in an article published by Chicago-based C + R Research which stated that “the number of respondents who reported having a package stolen rose from 36% in 2019 to 43% in 2020. And of the 43% who have had a package stolen, almost two-thirds (64%) say they’ve been a victim of package theft more than once. Nearly half (47%) filed a police report once they discovered their package had been stolen. The average value of the stolen package was $136, but thankfully, 81% say they received a refund on the stolen item(s).”

While package thefts are on the rise, there are measures that can be taken to help protect packages from being stolen. For instance, package tracking allows shippers to know the date (and sometimes time) of when a package is going to be delivered and can arrange to either be at home themselves or have someone else there to immediately bring a package indoors. Another alternative is to use package receiving or mailbox rental services at a local shipping store to ensure that one's packages are delivered and held safely until it is convenient to pick them up. A no-cost option would be to provide delivery instructions that can help safeguard one's packages such as instructing that delivery personnel leave boxes on the back porch or hidden behind objects on the front porch such as benches or planters.

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