Local Business Directory Launched By Brighton and Hove Digital Marketing Agency Quantum Business Dynamics

UK-based digital marketing agency, Quantum Business Dynamics, is pleased to announce the launch of a new local directory for businesses in Brighton and Hove. As local marketing specialists, Quantum Business Dynamics has long been committed to connecting customers with businesses that provide the best products and services in the area. With the launch of the directory, this goal has become more feasible than ever.

The directory in question is called Brighton Biz Local, and it is designed to give Brighton companies a platform through which they can maintain visibility among their prospects, customers, clients, or patients. Conversely, it allows users to swiftly and conveniently locate the exact product or service they are looking for, eliminating much of the trial and error they may have otherwise had to endure by manually looking for reliable businesses in their vicinity. One crucial aspect of Brighton Biz Local is that it focuses on businesses that provide exemplary service, so customers can always rest assured that they are browsing through nothing but the best.

Through their own work as digital marketing consultants in Brighton and Hove, the marketing agency has been able to observe numerous companies in a variety of fields. This experience has given their team a great deal of insight into what customers are looking for and what kind of businesses are best able to meet such demand. In turn, they rely on this insight to inform their decisions regarding which businesses receive the spotlight through the Brighton Biz Local business directory. However, they are also quick to acknowledge that the directory for Hove and Brighton-based businesses is not yet exhaustive.

“Our time in marketing has put us in touch with many clients, partners and more who go above and beyond to deliver the sort of service a discerning customer would expect,” explains George Ogunsiji, founder of Quantum Business Dynamics, “but we are aware that this still does not include every business out there that deserves to capture our community’s valuable attention. Similarly, our perspective should not be the only one that is considered. We want Brighton Biz Local to be a true representation of the best that Brighton and Hove have to offer, so we warmly encourage our community to get in touch if they believe their favourite business should be included. Our team will be more than happy to consider their requests.”

The same is true for Brighton businesses that wish to submit themselves for consideration. Brighton Biz Local was built specifically to help them maintain a connection with their customers whether they are open, temporarily closed to the public, or exclusively offering emergency services, so the agency looks forward to working with businesses that meet their community’s standards. This is particularly necessary given the immense challenges that followed the Covid-19 pandemic.

Quantum Business Dynamics, like many others, has observed the pandemic’s effect on local communities and businesses, especially those that did not have access to large marketing budgets or the capital to weather long periods of inactivity. This was partly what fueled the agency’s decision to develop a wide-reaching platform that businesses could use to maintain a relationship with their community. Brighton Biz Local already hosts a wide variety of businesses, including restaurants, plumbers, salons, and much more. Where customers might previously have decided to stop by such locations while passing them on the street, they can now look up a suitable provider based on the service they are looking for.

Business owners should note that the agency is offering up to 50 premium listings for free (on a first-come, first-served basis) to help stimulate local commerce. These listings typically cost £149/yr, so this presents an excellent opportunity for businesses on a tight budget. Similarly, the agency is offering free business strategy sessions to a limited number of pre-qualified businesses to help map out a clear marketing strategy to capitalize as the economy rebounds following the pandemic. Those interested are welcome to contact the company today if they wish to apply for one of these free sessions (which normally cost £250).

Businesses that wish to appear in the directory can claim their business listing at Brightonbizlocal.co.uk. For general enquiries, Quantum Business Dynamics can be reached through their official website at QBDynamics.co.uk and through their social media channels.


For more information about Quantum Business Dynamics, contact the company here:

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