Local Bail Bonds Agent in Pickens County, AL Highlights the Recent Winner of the International Gold Award

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Carrollton, Ala. – The Alabama Professional Bail Bonding Board website recently won an international gold award, presented by the Marcom Awards competition. Alabama Bail Bonds, a local bail bonds agent in Carrollton, AL, is discussing this award and its purpose, as well as its recent winner.

The goal of the Marcom Award competition is to recognize the accomplishments of professionals in the marketing and communications industries. The latest accomplishments to be acknowledged are those of the Alabama Professional Bail Bonding Board. Their award-winning website was designed by NIC Alabama. Wanting ease-of-use and content organization prioritized, they placed featured items and visual tools within their website in a way that reduces the number of clicks a user must make to maneuver the website according to their needs.

In fact, to help users right from the start. The homepage of the website displays frequently asked questions regarding licensure, as well as a site-wide search bar that allows users to conveniently find what they are looking for without extensive perusing. These are only a few of the reasons why the Alabama Professional Bail Bonding Board website won the coveted international gold award.

Administered by the Association of Marketing and Communications Professionals (AMCP), the Marcon Award has become one of the biggest worldwide competitions for communication and marketing professionals. The contest receives around 6,000 entries, both print and digital, from many countries around the world. The competition considers several areas of marketing and communication, such as direct mail, photography, employee publication, advertising, and more.

As a trusted 24-hour bail company, Alabama Bail Bonds strives to give their clients the best and smoothest bail process possible. They could not be happier for Alabama Professional Bail Bonding Board and their big win. For more information, give Alabama Bail Bonds a call today at (205) 454-5018 or visit them online at www.alabailbonds.com.


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