Liz & Marie Give Tips on How to Save Thousands Of Dollars When Selling One's House

Property solution experts Liz Quinn & Marie Baginski are always looking for ways to help homeowners save now when it comes to selling their properties in Maricopa County and other Arizona areas. Evidence of this is that they are now offering helpful tips on how a homeowner can save thousands of dollars when selling their house for cash. They have done this in the form of a dedicated page on their website that is supported by an embedded video along with their clients’ being able to obtain a complimentary e-book on the topic.

In the video, Marie and Liz do a whiteboard presentation comparing different ways to sell homes. This information is also illustrated on the ‘how to save thousands on a home sale’ dedicated webpage. It clearly demonstrates how getting less for a cash sale of a home can actually net a homeowner more money. The presentation also shows how a homeowner can cut down on the amount of hassle that they go through during a more traditional home sale and still get comparable net money by selling their home for cash. They do this by comparing the cost of them buying a home for $300,000 with an iBuyer paying $325,000 for a home or a $350,000 home sale through a more traditional agent-led real estate sale. It states that when they offer $300,000 for a home, the homeowner gets every penny of that money. That’s because there are no closing costs, service fees, repair costs, or any other hidden fees and costs. This is opposed to the other types of compared home sales that always include some or all of the above-mentioned costs and fees.

Liz and Marie

Liz and Marie went on to talk about how they can help someone get fast cash for their house. They said it all starts with them being a business that treats their customers like family. It’s something they like to do so it puts their customers at ease during their home selling process. According to them, when someone is looking to sell their home for cash, they will make that homeowner a fair offer in 72 hours or less. They buy homes in as-is condition and there is never any sort of commission or fees for this service. It also saves a home seller from having strangers go through their home with little advance notice and from having to make their home available for open house showings. Even the time until closing is greatly accelerated in most cases when a home is sold for cash.

The company co-owner, Liz Quinn, says, “We definitely have the means for you to save a lot of money when you go to sell your house. That’s not all we at our company can help you out with either when it comes to property solutions. No matter what your real estate needs are, we can help. Our staff and we are thrilled to be a part of this next chapter in your life. We may be Crazy Liz and Wacky Marie but together with us anything is possible.”

Their clients they have helped with home cash sales have also been very impressed with the way that Liz and Marie and the others on the staff interacted with them during the process. JJ Azizian stated in his glowing testimonial, “In our search for the right team to help us, we found Liz Quinn, Marie Baginski, and their team to be professional, thoroughly trained, and experienced. What really impressed us was the time they took to speak with us and make our family feel like their family. We couldn’t be happier with our experience with L&M Property Solutions. They’re your team for all of your real estate solutions.”

Liz and Marie’s company serves not only those in Maricopa County but also clients in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, and Tempe, Arizona, along with others in Boise, Idaho. Those that would like to know more about the property solutions that their company offers can call them, send them an email, or fill out the form that’s found on the ‘Contact Us’ page of their website.


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