Living Young Center Aesthetic Services Seminole Fl Offered For Patients In Florida Who Need Aesthetic Procedures

LivingYoung Center for Health & Anti-Aging is offering its aesthetic services in Seminole, FL. The center has been operational for over 13 years. The center offers aesthetic procedures such as BOTOX, Xeomin, Jeuveau, dermal filler, Microneedling, laser hair removal, IPL photorejuvenation, PRP skin rejuvenation, PRP hair restoration, Biostimulatory Body Tx, Kybella, permanent makeup/Microblading, chemical peels, and Hydrafacials MD.

BOTOX is one of the most popular, non-surgical methods available for eliminating facial wrinkles. Xeomin is a product competing with BOTOX made by Merz Pharmaceuticals. Jeuveau is one of the newest injectable treatments available today that has a formula very similar to that of BOTOX in how it performs and how long it lasts. Dermal fillers work by “filling in” facial folds and wrinkles. They do this by replenishing the natural-occurring substances that the skin loses as a person ages.

Fillers before and after

Microneedling is one of the most effective and easiest ways to stimulate collagen production without the aggression, downtime, or cost of more invasive treatments. Laser Hair Removal is the most advanced technique for permanent hair removal. It uses IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology to produce permanent, painless results. IPL PhotoRejuvenation gets rid of brown spots from the face, or anywhere else they show up. PRP for skin rejuvenation is a fairly new treatment for rejuvenating the skin that utilizes the patient’s own reparative cells to increase all the benefits associated with regular Microneedling treatment.

PRP hair restoration is a non-surgical therapy that stimulates hair follicles into growth. Biostimulatory body treatments are a new, surgical-free option to significantly improve the appearance of loose, crepy skin in many areas of the body. Kybella is a non-surgical injection technique used to reduce excess fat beneath the chin. Permanent makeup procedures utilize natural, metal-free pigments, micro-prong needles, and an effective numbing process to provide the patients with a comfortable application and beautifully natural makeup.

Chemical peels involve the application of a chemical solution (usually acid-based) to remove the dead and damaged outer layers of the skin revealing a younger, clearer, and more radiant skin. HydraFacial MD uses advanced Vortex-Fusion technology to produce non-invasive, non-surgical skin resurfacing. The HydraFacial tool is designed to target specific skin problems like whiteheads and blackheads, brown spots, acne, enlarged pores, and uneven skin tone. The result is an overall improvement in the quality of the patient’s skin.

The center carries out a consultation which can be done in person or over the phone. After the consultation, the center helps the patient to make an informed decision to map out the best course of action for them. A personalized portal is created just for the patient where they can fill out their medical history forms. The patient is also set up to have their blood work done in the office or at a local draw center. When the results are in, the center will upload them to the patient’s portal and contact them to schedule an evaluation with the center’s medical practitioner. The center’s physicians then design the patient’s treatment program which will be customized to fit their lifestyle. The treatment program will inform the therapy in the form of meds, supplements, and injections to suggestions for a healthier lifestyle. Readers can follow the center’s Facebook Page for any new developments.

The center’s physicians claim to stay abreast of the latest innovations in functional, anti-aging, and aesthetic medicine. The center’s physicians are members of groups such as The Institute for Functional Medicine, American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, Age Management Medicine Group, Endocrine Society.

The center also provides treatments for many different conditions such as medical weight loss, women’s hormone therapy, men’s hormone therapy (low testosterone), thyroid testing and treatment, LDN therapy, IV vitamin cocktails, vitamin injections, food sensitivity training, multi-autoimmune reactivity testing, gluten sensitivity testing, micronutrient testing, heavy metal testing, gut health testing, growth hormone peptides such as Sermorelin/BCP-157/CJC-1295/Ipamorelin/GHRP.

Katie Kaffai, the founder and CEO, of the Young Living Center, says about their mission, “Our mission is to inspire and empower our patients to take control of their own health and wellbeing by providing exceptional testing modalities and resources that enable prevention, address the root cause of disease and improve health outcomes. Our anti-aging treatments are specifically designed to help patients look as good as they feel. You can read about all the wonderful work we’ve done in the reviews on our GMB Listing.”


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