Liven Up Your Holiday Plans This Holiday Season With A Paintly Fun Painting Kit

Paintly Fun is pleased to announce a new series of holiday-themed paint kits, perfect for celebrating with friends and family. The company has taken strides to ensure that their kits can be enjoyed by people of all ages, from children who are learning about art for the first time to adults who want to explore their creative side in the company of loved ones.

In recent times, the company explains that many of their customers have taken to hosting virtual paint parties online in order to have a good time even if they cannot meet each other due to travel restrictions. Painting is, at its core, a visual medium, and this means the joy of painting and admiring a loved one’s work can still be shared through an online connection. Paintly Fun has made it their business to supply all the tools a painter would need to bring an image to life on a canvas, and the company is delighted to share that this now includes the upcoming holiday seasons.

As Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner, families across the nation are looking for innovative ways to kindle their holiday cheer and celebrate these events as well as the turn of the seasons. To most people, gathering for parties, picnics and so on is likely what they do every year as a matter of tradition. This has sometimes been a daunting proposition even in past years due to families not being able to afford travel costs or simply being unable to take time away from their work, education and so on. Paintly Fun adds that many also cannot travel due to health reasons. You can see all the holiday painting kits they have available here:

Regardless of whether a family and their loved ones can meet each other to celebrate, however, the company’s paint kits give communities across the country a way to share their experiences with each other over a fun activity with one of their virtual paint parties. In fact, the beauty of hosting such an online paint party is that it can be accomplished both in person or online. This is partly due to the fact that Paintly Fun enables their customers to place orders for specific paint and sip party kits through their website. These kits can then be shipped anywhere the customer desires. Notably, the company recommends that orders be placed well in advance of an expected holiday to ensure they arrive in time for everyone to join in. You can learn more about the virtual paint parties here:

One reason the company is able to reassure customers that anyone can have fun in a Paintly Fun paint party is that their kits also come with video lessons. Each of these tutorials, carefully composed by an experienced and gifted artist, can walk a beginner through each step of the process, teaching them how to mix their paint and keep their workspace in order as much as how to lay down each brushstroke. The videos are also crafted with the expectation that most (if not all) of the painters in the party have little experience, either with painting or with the subject being painted. As such, a lot of effort is given to ensure they understand every step of their work.

As Paintly Fun explains in one of their product descriptions, “Our party kits come with everything you need to create your selected work of art for a small or large group. Just select the number of people who will be attending your party and you'll get enough supplies for everyone in a simple delivery to your door. All you need to bring is a bottle of wine and your creativity!” Notably, the streaming video lesson can be accessed immediately following a purchase, giving painters the option to review it ahead of their paint party. Should they wonder if they need to make additional preparations (such as to help with cleanup), the company explains that the video lesson may help them determine how best to set up their workspace.

Those looking for holiday paint kits to spruce up their plans are welcome to browse the extensive selection available on the Paintly Fun website. For further concerns and inquiries, customers are welcome to contact Jaylene Moss of Paintly Fun.


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