Lisa Amundson Offers Legal Advice on Child Custody, Parenting Time and Visitation

Amundson Law Office, a firm based in Eagan, Minnesota, has announced that Lisa Amundson is offering legal advice on child custody, parenting time and visitation for the entire Twin Cities Metropolitan area. This is a complicated issue with a lot of emotions involved particularly with the divorcing couple. But basically, the guiding principle as indicated in Minnesota law is that it should be resolved in such a way that it represents the best interests of the child. Lisa Amundson is a divorce lawyer serving the entire Minneapolis St Paul area, with office and meeting locations throughout the area, but focusing on serving people in Eagan, Burnsville and neighboring areas.

Lisa Amundson says, “The very prospect of divorce creates an array of daunting questions and emotions. Questions about finances, the children’s future and how to divide assets accumulated over years of marriage require can be intimidating and make it difficult to take the first steps.”

Lisa Amundson

She adds, “It is not uncommon for parents to disagree on child custody or visitation. However, while disagreement is common, it's important for both parties to understand that getting into emotionally charged arguments about what is best for the kids is typically destructive and does not move the situation towards the best resolution. If you are facing a child custody issue and do not know how to initiate the process, take advantage of my free consultation.”

Lisa Amundson is an experienced divorce lawyer who can help clients understand how family law in Minnesota applies to child custody issues. She will work with the client in the development of a plan to address the needs and priorities of the client and the children. She will be working with the client from the initial consultation up to the finalization of the divorce to ensure that the best interests of the client and the children are protected every step of the way.

With regards to child custody, parenting and visitation, the best interests of the child is the guiding principle as specified in section 518.17 of the 2015 Minnesota Statutes. There are four types of custody as defined by Minnesota law. These are physical custody, legal custody, sole custody, and joint custody. Joint custody may be joint legal custody, joint physical custody, or joint legal and physical custody.

Physical custody is where a particular parent is given the right to have a child live with him or her. While it provides the parent with physical custody more control regarding the daily decisions with regards to raising the child, it does not provide them with total control over every aspect of the child’s life.

Legal custody of a child grants the parent with the right and obligation to make decisions with regards to the child’s upbringing. This means that this particular parent can make decisions pertaining to the child’s religion, schooling, and medical care. Usually, both parents are granted joint legal custody, which means that they will share in the decision making with regards to the child’s upbringing, but there are certain circumstances where the court may award legal custody to just one parent.

Meanwhile, sole custody is usually awarded by the court when certain factors indicate that one parent is unfit to fulfill certain parenting responsibilities. It is essential to note that the court will grand sole custody based on the court’s specific criteria and not on how one parent judges the other parent.

And finally, joint custody or shared custody allows both parents to share in the physical custody of the child and in the decision making with regards to the child’s upbringing. The court may also be more specific and may grant joint legal custody, joint physical custody, or joint legal and physical custody.

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