Lil-Buggers Head Lice Treatment Is Offering Its Lice Removal Services In New York

Lil-Buggers, a head lice treatment service based in New York City, has launched a new website. The website details the company’s service, rates, testimonials from satisfied customers, and contact information.

The company’s head lice removal service promises full eradication of lice. The service claims to only use plant-based natural products making the treatment safe for babies, kids with allergies or sensitivities, and pregnant women. The company says that its treatment is 100% effective in eliminating all lice infestations. After the treatment children can return to school without any worries. The company also provides, upon request, a Lice Free clear certification for the school nurses. The service charges $200 for the first hour and then $50 for each additional half-hour.

The company says that they respect the privacy of its clients and offer a service that is completely confidential and discreet. They have same-day appointments available.​ The company says that it is a mother owned business and they have been through the difficulties of lice infestation themselves as well. The company is also trusted by schools and camps to perform lice screening.​ They claim they offer competitive rates with absolutely no hidden fees.

The company offers a 21-day guarantee for its service. It has successfully treated thousands of infested kids and adults with a 100% success rate. After the treatment, the customer and the family are guaranteed to be 100% lice-free. The company guarantees the treatment and explains and guides them on how to check and maintain the results. Everyone at the customer’s home must get checked to receive the guarantee. For the 21-day guarantee to be applicable, a second paid treatment within 3-10 days after the initial treatment is required.

When asked to speak about the company’s mission, the spokesperson for the company, Rona, says “Our mission is to get you and your family rid of lice fast with ease and stress-free. Each family member will be carefully evaluated by our professional Lice expert. If any lice or nits (eggs) are found, they will be removed and eliminated. We use natural blend oils, professional nit combs, and magnifying glass. After the treatment, you may go back to your normal routine (work/school) without worrying about lice. We also offer a guaranteed treatment plan for your peace of mind.”

A testimonial by Krystin D. from Tully, NY, says “Rona was a dream come true when my daughter called me from college telling me about the lice outbreak in her dorm. She was very accommodating, professional, and thorough. She has a wealth of experience and was very informative, helping to separate the truths about lice from the myths. She helped to put us all at ease, and it was such a relief to know we were in the hands of an expert. Cannot recommend her enough!!!”

A testimonial by Jessie O. from Brooklyn, NY, says “So glad I found Lil buggers, my daughter got lice and I had no idea how to get rid of them without using harsh chemicals or shaving her head (which I wouldn't do anyway). I called Lil buggers and Rona came that day she treated my daughter with naturals oils and a lot of patience. She provided me with a note for school declaring that she is no longer contagious. The rate was reasonable compared to other services in the area. I would recommend Lil buggers (such a cute name for this horrifying situation) to anyone who has to deal with a lice infestation. Oh, I almost forgot to mention I didn't need to purchase any shampoos or solutions, she provided us with a wonderful professional comb and lots of instructions on how to check the hair and what to do next. Thank you Rona with Lil buggers :)”

The website can be accessed at The company can be contacted at its phone number 858-876-LICE (5423) or at its email id There is also a contact form on the website for those who prefer to use that.


For more information about Lil-Buggers Head Lice Treatment, contact the company here:

Lil-Buggers Head Lice Treatment
400 E 84th St #30C, New York, New York 10028