Lighting Distinctions Completes Outdoor Landscape Lighting Project with Handgraaf Estates

Lighting Distinctions, an interior & exterior lighting company servicing San Diego, recently completed a project for the private estate staffing and management company, Handgraaf Estates.

In preparation for upgrading the property’s lighting, Handgraaf Estates collected bids from 5 different vendors on its “Preferred Vendors List”, an internal list that they have compiled over the years based on the vendors they have worked with and have had positive experiences with based on customer service and work quality. They ended up collecting a total of 5 bids from different vendors and the bid from Lighting Distinctions stood out the most. Lighting Distinctions had a good standing relationship with the manufacturer of the fixtures, which gave them the possibility of refurbishing the existing fixtures, rather than buying completely new ones. This resulted in a better bid compared to other vendors, while recycling the existing fixtures at the same time.

From the 164 original fixtures that were to be refurbished, Lighting Distinctions added an additional 232 brand new ones, bringing the total to 396 lighting fixtures on the property. Lighting Distinctions placed all the new and refurbished uplights, downlights, path lights, moonlights, and took care of all the wiring as well, including setting the timers, ensuring that all lights went on 10 minutes before sunset. Lighting Distinctions also went above and beyond their work requirements by finding and installing brown colored rubber bands. This allowed for the fixtures to blend in more with the color of the tree bark, making them harder to notice during the day. Readers can find out more about Lighting Distinctions’ whole range of services by visiting their website at

Handgraaf Estates says that working together with Lighting Distinctions was an absolute pleasure. The real estate management company met with the Lighting Distinctions team on multiple occasions during the day, at dusk, and after sunset to discuss and evaluate the lighting quality, placement, and adjustment of fixtures, lens color, and bulb preference to ensure the best result for the customer. The customer explained that she was very happy and, since completion of the project, has entertained guests at the property multiple times who were all blown away as well.

A spokesperson for Handgraaf Estates talks about their experience of working with Lighting Distinctions by saying, “As an estate manager, it is our top priority to keep the customer happy. We turn over every stone to make sure that our managed estates are given the most high-quality treatment to appease our discerning clientele. This means identifying the upgrades to the property that will make the most impact on its functionality and aesthetic beauty and then finding the most reliable contractors with distinguished work history to take over the reins. This search is what got us acquainted with Lighting Distinctions as their expertise in all matters dealing with lighting is evident in all their past work. When we first looked at the task at hand, it was clear that the job was going to require extensive experience in lighting as well as a keen eye for detail. Since the completion of the house 15 years ago, most of the light fixtures were falling from trees, were broken or so heavily oxidized due to the proximity to the ocean, that they barely functioned. Lighting Distinctions worked their magic, and the high quality of the end result is obvious for everyone to see. With all the customization and great attention to detail, the end result was truly a sight to behold. We are glad that we worked with Lighting Distinctions on this project, and we will definitely work with them again. We have no reservations about recommending their services to all of our business partners and clients.”

Readers who want to find out more about Lighting Distinctions and stay updated with its other projects can view the company Facebook page. The company can also be contacted at the phone number 760-525-4405.


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