Lighthouse Treatment Center Offers Wolf Therapy For Addiction Recovery To Its Alumni

Anaheim, California - Lighthouse Treatment Center, a drug and alcohol treatment facility in Anaheim, California organized a wolf-assisted therapy session for members of its Alumni Program on May 16, 2021. The session was offered as part of the alumni event calendar to introduce sober and helpful activities to its alumni.

Sara Alba, Alumni Coordinator of the Lighthouse, shared that they collaborated with Fourth Dimension Adventures and Living Life In Recovery to deliver this experience to their members. Wolf-assisted therapy is one of the experiential programs organized to provide therapeutic and educational benefits to people struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues.

“We wanted to introduce a unique experience that our alumni will not only enjoy but will also help them become more connected to the world around them. Wolf-assisted therapy was an opportunity to get together with other members of the alumni program but at the same time, it was a fun learning experience for all of us,” shared Alba.

Michelle M, a member of the Lighthouse Alumni Program, said that she enjoyed the outing immensely and appreciated this opportunity to learn new things.

“I loved reuniting with all of my sober sisters at wolf therapy. Who knew something like this existed? The wolves were gorgeous, and I have left with new perspectives on life and recovery,” said Michelle.

Donnette D., another attendee, considered the outing as one of the highlights of her year. She shared that she’s grateful for the chance to bond with her fellow alumni.

“I want to thank the Lighthouse Treatment Center for organizing this road trip. It was amazing to be with my sober family and to also interact with the wolves. This is definitely one of the best days of my life so far,” said Donnette.


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