Lighthouse Treatment Center Implements Covid-19 Risk Reduction Measures

Anaheim, California - Lighthouse Treatment Center, a drug and alcohol treatment facility in Anaheim, California has implemented additional COVID-19 risk reduction measures to help assure clients and staff a safe stay at its facilities. In addition to its long-standing safety protocols, the center has made rapid antigen tests and PCR tests available to its staff, clients, and family.

Rapid antigen testing will be administered to all potential clients upon admission. As an added safety measure, PCR tests will also be administered to staff, clients and their families, where indicated. The PCR testing onsite has been made possible with the approval of the Lighthouse Treatment Center as a Covid-19 testing partner by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). PCR test results will be available within 48 hours and will be posted confidentially to a web-based dashboard.

Lighthouse CEO Tim Salyer said that this new partnership with the CDPH is an important initiative because it adds an additional layer of safety that only a few facilities have.

“We, at the Lighthouse Treatment Center in Anaheim believe it’s our first priority to do everything we can to make our residential SUD/Drug treatment center as safe as possible from COVID-19 infection. We believe that by implementing these additional risk reduction measures, we have taken all possible steps to assure the safety of our employees, clients and their families,” said Salyer.

The PCR testing kits will be provided to the Lighthouse at no cost by Valencia Branch Laboratory, which is a testing laboratory established by the CDPH in partnership with Color Lab and PerkinElmer Health Sciences, Inc.


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