Licensed Contractors Offer Reliable Remodeling Services In Phoenix

Mesa, AZ-based Dry Star Restoration is pleased to announce that local homeowners may now engage the company’s remodeling services. Given the wide variety of services the company offers, their expertise tends to surpass many other remodeling contractors in Phoenix, and this gives homeowners a distinct advantage if they want to bring their vision to life.

There are many situations where a remodel or renovation can have a huge impact on a family’s way of life. Richard Appel of Dry Star Restoration points out that many tend to think of easy examples, such as families who want a change. However, the company has also helped families who were considering selling their home and moving somewhere else entirely, simply due to the fact that they believed their current space lacked the space or amenities they needed. This can occur as new additions arrive to the family, prompting the need for more space. Unfortunately, this also tends to mean that families will have to undergo the hassle of uprooting themselves and moving to a new location that meets their needs.

Notably, Appel cautions anyone in this position against making any hasty decisions in this regard. While many situations do indeed make a move necessary, he asserts, a creative and experienced contractor can sometimes take the existing space and rework it to be more efficient, thereby making it feel roomier. On the other hand, full scale additions can be made to the existing structure that will look and feel as if they were always a part of the house in question.

“While we like to take a long look at what our clients need, first and foremost,” Appel adds, “we are also happy to help any family who just want to refresh their current home’s aesthetic and make everything feel new again. The past year has been hard on many of us, and an environment that offers new delights while still feeling like home can be just what we need. If you want nothing more than to upgrade your kitchen or bathroom, for instance, it would be our great pleasure to place our contractors’ immense creative capability at your disposal.”

Dry Star Restoration is a licensed, bonded and fully insured contractor. Given that they are also known for being highly effective asbestos removal contractors in Tempe and other areas, Appel states that homeowners can expect their team to approach any project with a high degree of professionalism as well as a deep sense of responsibility. In part, this means that every material they use is guaranteed to be safe for a home’s residents as well as abide by all local building requirements.

As their name implies, Dry Star Restoration is adept at fixing damage after the fact, and their work in this field has given them a wealth of experience identifying the factors that contribute to a home’s wear and tear as well as increases the likelihood of accidents. The team uses all this knowledge to their customers’ advantage, making sure to avoid any pitfalls that may contribute to structural damage in the future.

As Diane L.’s top-rated review explains, “My parents’ hot water heater went out, causing damage in the garage, laundry room and dining room. I am in Arizona, and was able to help them go through the insurance company. They found a plumber who referred them to Dry Star. They have been working with Chad since the beginning, all the way through until it was finished. I can tell you that I would recommend this company as well as Chad. Five out of five stars, 100% highly recommended! They are now working on my daughters home.”

To minimize the possibility of such accidents, the company may give homeowners the benefit of their advice during a renovation or addition, pointing out what factors they should watch out for in the future and so on. Today, the company encourages their community to get in touch at once if they have any questions regarding their home’s integrity. Their experience as water damage contractors in Mesa gives them a great deal of insight in this field as well.

Homeowners may visit the company’s website for further details. They may also contact Richard Appel directly to follow up on any inquiries.


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