Lexington Tree Experts Uses Tree Removal to Create Space for New Driveway

Lexington, Kentucky – After completing his new house and garage in Lexington, George Warren realized that his cars couldn’t enter or leave the garage. To access the garage, he had to remove over 10 trees to create space for a driveway.

Being new in Lexington, George talked to his neighbors to determine which company could handle the project quickly and at an affordable cost. 4 out of his 5 neighbors recommended Lexington Tree Experts.

Lexington Tree Experts

“I called Lexington Tree Experts late in the evening because I wanted their Lexington tree removal team to be here the next morning,” said George Warren when describing his experience with the company. “My call was received in the first ring and I talked to a lady who was very forthcoming with the information that I needed. The following morning, two tree cutting professionals were waiting on my landscape to perform an estimate. Their price was more affordable than I expected. About 30 minutes later, the tree removal team arrived with its modern tree service tools. They removed 6 trees on the first day and completed the project the following day. What amazed me is that they even removed the tree stumps and cleaned up, leaving the land ready for the driveway.”

Although the city of Lexington has a large number of tree removal companies, Lexington Tree Experts seems to be the most preferred company. When reporters dug deeper into the Lexington tree service industry, they realized that the company stood out for homeowners because of two important factors – quick response to service requests and an unbeatable cost for its professional tree services in Lexington.

“We always work harder than expected to satisfy our customers,” the Lexington Tree Experts CEO told reporters, “and it seems that our hard work is paying off – the fact that we had satisfied our customers in the past made it possible for them to recommend us to George Warren. George’s project was quite large. However, since he wanted to build his driveway immediately, we had to work harder to complete the project as soon as possible.”

Lexington Tree Experts is reportedly a company that is trying to reduce the number of trees removed from the city every year. We talked to the company’s chief of field operations to know how the company is keeping trees alive.

“We only removed trees on rare occasions,” said the company’s chief of field operations. “The first occasion is the case where a property owner wants to create room for property development – a good example of such a case is when George Warren wanted to create a driveway. While we believe that trees do have significant environmental benefits, we also believe that trees should not be allowed to limit property development.”

“The second occasion is when trees are dead or dying,” added the company’s chief of field operations. “Dead trees have zero benefits – in fact, they end up turning into hazards when internal decay weakens their wood structure. The third occasion is when a tree starts causing property damage – a good example is when invasive trees start putting cracks on concrete floors with their roots. Finally, our team of tree cutting professionals in Lexington removes trees that have already turned into hazards – this could be a tree that is leaning dangerously or a tree that is relying on other trees for stability.”

The CEO noted that in all other circumstances, his team uses other tree care procedures in Lexington to save trees. For example, instead of removing unattractive trees, Lexington Tree Experts uses its Lexington tree trimming team to improve the tree’s appearance. The Lexington tree pruning team, on the other hand, has made a name for the company by working hard to improve tree health in Lexington

Lexington Tree Experts offices are located at 1604 Harrodsburg Rd, Lexington, KY 40504, United States. Customers residing far away from the company’s offices can contact it through +1 859-710-6512 and sales@treeservicelexington.net.


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