Lexington Tree Experts Helps Homeowner Acquire Native Trees After Handling Tree Removal for Dead Non-Native Trees

Lexington, Kentucky – Lexington Tree Experts spent the whole of last week removing dead trees from a client’s landscape. After performing a thorough investigation to determine why the trees had died, the company determined that the homeowner had planted non-native trees on his landscape. Unfavored by the weather on Johnson’s landscape, the tree ended up dead less than 2 years after planting.

“Before moving to Lexington,” said Mr. Johnson when narrating his experience with the non-native trees, “I had a home in Northern Texas. In my old landscape, some of the trees I had included the Leyland Cypress. When I completed constructing my home in Lexington, I decided to create a privacy screen with the Leyland Cypress. I did not know that the Leyland Cypress was not hardy to the Kentucky USDA Hardiness Zone 6b winters. The extremely cold winters ended up killing the trees in less than 2 years.”

Lexington Tree Experts CEO noted that planting native trees is one of the keys to avoiding unexpected tree deaths. He noted that native trees have been growing in Lexington for thousands of years and have, therefore, become used to the cold winters, the warm summers, springs, and even the falls.

“Even before we provided our insight into why Johnson’s trees had died,” said the Lexington Tree Experts CEO, “We were impressed to learn that the homeowner already knew the cause of death. He told us that he needed help determining the best native trees for his landscape.”

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Lexington Tree Experts removed more than 30 trees from Johnson’s landscape. This left his home looking bare and unattractive as the Leyland Cypresses were the only privacy screen he had in place. The homeowner needed a quick tree replacement to shield his landscape from the eyes of those passing near his home. He indicated that he needed fast-growing trees as he did not want his home to remain in the open for too long.

“We gave Johnson several options to choose from,” said the Lexington Tree Experts CEO, “For maximum privacy, we advised him to plant the American Holly, Thuja Emerald Green, and the Cryptomeria Radicans. These fast-growing evergreens will enhance the beauty of his property’s boundary while adding a sense of security. For shade, we advised the homeowner to invest in the fast-growing Tulip Poplar and American Beech, both of which provide dense shade in the summer, creating a nice relaxing environment.”

Lexington Tree Experts CEO noted that his team of tree cutting professionals will spend the next 2 days pulling out the tree stumps from Johnson’s landscape. This will be necessary to create a safe environment for the new trees to be planted in. After removing the tree stumps, the company will work with Johnson to dig out holes for the new trees, ensuring that the correct spacing is used between the trees.

“From the look of things,” said the Lexington Tree Experts CEO, “It is clear that Johnson is new to planting trees in Lexington. For this reason, we will have to work with him to ensure that the trees are planted in a way that won’t cause overcrowding when the trees reach maturity.”

As a way to give back to the homeowner, Lexington Tree Experts notes that its team of qualified professionals will not charge the homeowner for the tree planting procedures. The company will use the free procedure to help the homeowner establish an urban forest that will last for decades.

“I think I have found a company that will be handling all my tree care procedures in Lexington,” said Johnson, “After planting the trees and taking care of them to a point where they will start needing help staying healthy and attractive, I will invite Lexington Tree Experts to handle the maintenance procedures.”

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