Lexington Tree Experts Buys New Truck and Tree Chipper to Facilitate Cleanup After Tree Service Procedures

Lexington, Kentucky – Weeks after announcing the introduction of clean up services, Lexington Tree Experts is prepared to leave landscapes shining more than its tree cutting professionals Lexington find them. Yesterday, the company invested in a tree chipper and a brand new truck. The company indicates that it will be using the tree chipper to reduce the bits of wood waste generated by tree services into sawdust. The truck will then be used to transport the sawdust to the dumpsite.

“Our tree trimming team Lexington is loved for its ability to clean tree crowns, turning them into aesthetically appealing, natural ornaments,” said the company’s CEO. “Cleaning a tree crown, however, puts a lot of waste on the ground below. Without after tree care cleanup, homes are often left looking good above and worse below where the waste is dropped. With our new cleanup tools, we will be leaving landscapes looking better than we found them.”

Lexington Tree Experts

Lexington Tree Experts notes that the new clean up tools will be used for more than just tree trimming. The CEO noted that after tree service removal Lexington, the company will also be preapring the logs and branches for transport to the dumpsite. The CEO indicated that the only time they may not use the tools is when the client needs the woods to be turned into firewood. The company, however, noted that they will help the client convert his wood into useful products using their advanced tools.

A company that has been offering its services for the past 25+ years, Lexington Tree Experts has graduated from a tree trimming company into a company that handles all tree care procedures. The company is considered the best tree removal company Lexington and also handles tree pruning, stump removal and emergency tree service Lexington.

“We do not just offer these services to property owners within the boundaries of Lexington City,” said the company’s CEO. “Our services are also accessible to homeowners in neighborhoods like Versailles, Richmond, Lawrenceburg, Winchester, and Nicholasville.”

Lexington Tree Experts boasts the fastest response to tree service requests. The company responds to tree emergencies within the first 60 minutes after receiving the request call. When it comes to normal tree services, the company schedules them on the same day they are requested.

Lexington Tree Experts offices are located at 1604 Harrodsburg Rd, Lexington, KY 40504, United States. To reach its offices, call +1 859-710-6512 or send an email to sales@treeservicelexington.net.


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