Lewis and Jurnovoy an Affordable Bankruptcy Lawyer in Fort Walton Beach, FL Highlights Trends in Personal Bankruptcy

Fort Walton Beach, Fla. ā€“ Lewis and Jurnovoy a financial debt relief lawyer in Fort Walton Beach, FL is highlighting personal bankruptcy trends amid the pandemic. A staggering drop in personal bankruptcy cases is surprising many amidst the Coronavirus pandemic. The American Bankruptcy Institute announced that cases for declaring personal bankruptcy has dropped 24% lower during the first six months of 2020, compared to 2019.

This statistic is shocking considering the millions around the country facing unemployment. Lewis and Jurnovoy believes this number will skyrocket in the fall as the reason for the drop could simply include pauses in major systems in the nation. These changes include evictions and foreclosures being paused, courthouses shutting down, and government assistance being dispersed to many.

As the courts open back up, foreclosures and evicts move forward, and government assistance stops, many people may be forced to file for bankruptcy. Lewis and Jurnovoy predict this rise in cases will happen quickly, as people may already be thinking about the option as they anticipate the unpausing of these systems.

As local lawyers in Fort Walton Beach, FL Lewis and Jurnovoy feel it is their responsibility to keep the community with the most up to date bankruptcy news possible. They have been partners in practicing bankruptcy law since 1998 in and around the Fort Walton Beach area. Lewis and Jurnovoy has a passion for help the community understand bankruptcy and other options when in financial distress. For more information regarding personal bankruptcy give them a call at (850) 863-9110 or visit them online at www.lewisandjurnovoy.com.


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