Lesson Plan Source Offers Children's Summer Writing Prompt Lessons

Lesson Plan Source (LPS) would like to announce the availability of their children’s summer writing prompt lessons. Summer is a good time to engage children in writing, and the lessons LPS has to offer are designed to stimulate and develop each child’s writing abilities. The summer writing prompts are aimed at kids in kindergarten, first grade, second grade and third grade, and can help keep children’s brains stimulated even during the long summer days.

“With Summer in full swing, now might be the best time to get your child interested in writing,” says Lesson Plan Source. “Not only can it be fun, but continued writing is beneficial for the retention and further development of skills obtained during the school year. Some of the writing prompts you might want your child to respond to are specific to summertime and aim to entice even reluctant writers. Kids may not always be immediately enthusiastic about something and sometimes they need a little push. Starting with something that is both interesting and that they can relate to is a great way to get them interested in taking up a new hobby or learning a new skill.”

Some of the prompts include ‘Snowman Summer’ where students are prompted to consider what it might be like to be a snowman in summer, ‘My Perfect Summer’ where children are prompted to consider what their perfect summer might look like and ‘Sea Turtle’ where the students are prompted to pretend they are a sea turtle in summer swimming ashore to lay eggs. The prompts are designed to capture the attention of young children and encourage them to use and develop their imagination.

Lesson Plan Source has been running since founder Deanna’s first year of teaching in 2004. With the help of her husband, Deanna has managed to create a site that offers fun and functional resources for teachers and their students. Lesson Plan Source keeps adding more members to its team and with them more and better resources.

“My journey over the years has taken me from the mainstream classroom to a private school setting, to resource room, and now to the homeschool room,” says Deanna. “As a certified educator, I possess a Bachelor's degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences, a Post-Baccalaureate in Elementary Education and a Master's degree in Special Education (Prek-8). As a mommy, I possess three little loves (toddler-third grade) that remind me every day of why I pursued teaching many years ago. I love children and am passionate about teaching them, regardless of where the learning takes place. My hope is that with each LPS resource you use, you will appreciate the work behind it and it will bless you and your precious children.”

The teaching resource site has dozens of other lesson plans and activities for young students. The ‘What is An Insect’ teaching resource, which is aimed at children between first and third grade, for example, offers an interactive and engaging way for children to learn about the world around them, specifically insects. The resources provided help teach children what an insect is, what sets insects apart from other crawling creatures such as spiders and centipedes, and more.

Another resource educators can find on Lesson Plan Source is the ‘What Gets a Capital Letter?’ chart. “The informational chart on what gets a capital letter is a great addition to the classroom,” asserts Lesson Plan Source. “It provides a list of categories that feature various groups of words, along with examples, that require a capital letter. Print a copy for each student to use as a quick reference or laminate and post in your writing center. This is also a great visual for the Resource Room. There are so many different types of words that require capitalization! Emergent writers will greatly benefit from this visual reminder.”

For more information on Lesson Plan Source’s children's summer writing prompt lessons, visit the teaching resource site. Lesson Plan Source is a useful tool for teaching children both in a classroom and at home. Visit the site for a list of useful teaching resources that cover a wide range of topics.


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