Lesson Plan Source Announces New ‘Teach Kids About Alphabet Letter’ Worksheets

Lesson Plan Source, a website that offers teaching resources covering a wide range of topics, would like to announce that they have just posted worksheets aimed at teaching kids about the alphabet. The worksheets offer a fun and interactive way for young children to learn the alphabet and are recommended for children in preschool, pre-kindergarten and kindergarten. The worksheets also involve a number of fine motor activities, including coloring, shading and stamping. Children will also learn to make each letter from play-doh, use a dauber and much more.

The site offers resources aimed at teaching children the different elements of a book cover. Primarily designed for children in the third grade, these lessons can teach children how to make their own book covers while also teaching them about some of the different elements present on most book covers.

“A book's cover is the first encounter a student has with a particular story,” says Lesson Plan Source. “The title and the corresponding illustration are designed to make an impression so that the reader wants to read the story. Giving the elements that make up a book's cover some special attention can teach students how important the title of a story is and how one really can judge a book by its cover. The following offers a lesson, follow-up activity and an extension activity.”

The objective is to make it so students learn to create a book cover that includes a related title and illustration for a short story that they will read aloud. The lesson asks children to identify how the title of a book and the illustration on the book’s cover are connected. The children are then asked to read the story and decide whether or not the title accurately tells them what the story is about and whether or not the illustration on the cover is appropriate. The students are then asked to create and share their own covers, and they are assessed according to their ability to create a cover that includes an illustration and title that matches the story.

Lesson Plan Source was founded by Deanna, a teacher, in her first year of teaching back in 2004. She has, with the help of her husband, developed Lesson Plan Source into what it is today, a powerful tool used to educate children both in classrooms and at home. Over the years, Lesson Plan Source has built a team that strives hard to develop the site into a better resource for educators.

“My journey over the years has taken me from the mainstream classroom to a private school setting, to resource room, and now to the homeschool room,” says Deanna. “As a certified educator, I possess a Bachelor's degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences, a Post-Baccalaureate in Elementary Education and a Master's degree in Special Education (Prek-8). As a mommy, I possess three little loves (toddler-third grade) that remind me every day of why I pursued teaching many years ago. I love children and am passionate about teaching them, regardless of where the learning takes place. My hope is that with each LPS resource you use, you will appreciate the work behind it and it will bless you and your precious children.”

There are dozens of other lesson plans for young learners. The ‘tree observation’ lesson, for example, teaches children observation skills. “Observation is a necessary skill for life and, therefore, an essential skill to teach young learners,” says the lesson plan. “In this activity, students will observe a tree, record their data and make a prediction about future changes. This is a great way to introduce the scientific method and solidify concepts that take place during a particular season or all four!”

Another lesson available on Lesson Plan Source is the ‘Five Little Speckled Frogs’ set of activities. The lesson offers a fun way to teach children how to count backward through fun and interesting activities and games that include everything from creating finger puppets to counting up to 20.

Educators looking for a fun way to teach kids about alphabet letter worksheets and more can find what they are looking for on the Lesson Plan Source website. More information regarding their other materials can be found here as well.


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