Leipart Heating and Cooling Launches Naperville IL AC Repair Services

Leipart Heating and Cooling is happy to announce the launch of their Napervile AC repair service, including other HVAC services. They provide repair, installation, and maintenance of furnace, heat, air conditioning, humidification, dehumidification, ventilation, wine cellar solutions, refrigeration, close control, and mechanical building services. Before providing a no obligation quote, the company’s experienced engineers will conduct a free site survey. They offer their HVAC services not just in Naperville but in other nearby areas, including Bolingbrook, Plainfield, Aurora, Lockport, Joliet, and more.

Jim Leipart, owner of Leipart Heating and Cooling, says, “Leipart Heating and Cooling repair is devoted to completely satisfy your requirements – we demonstrate our commitment in a number of ways. We’re always available to make sure you get a live response from our operators. Our expert technicians provide helpful and professional advice, in addition to superior products with superior benefits. We’re focused on providing you quality and efficient service. We also have affordable pricing and special payment options.”

Leipart Heating and Cooling is a family managed company with the simple goal of offering exceptional services, the most competitive pricing possible, and offering products and services that will provide 100 percent satisfaction to customers. The company steadily grew from a small company with just one service truck and three employees into one of the biggest, most award-winning residential HVAC contractors in the United States. And it continues to grow every year.

They want to emphasize that they provide AC repair and installation services at competitive prices. It is important to realize that purchasing a cooling system is a major expense for the home. Thus, choosing the proper AC equipment is of primary importance and so with installing it correctly the first time. If the size of the AC unit is improper for the specific area to cool, this could result into more expenses in the future.

The tendency of homeowners is to get the least costly model but this may turn out to be more expensive in the future because they will likely be inefficient and use up more energy. The problem may be worse if the size of the AC is inappropriate for the size of the area to be cooled. It could result into higher monthly utility bills and more repairs for the unit.

Meanwhile, an important step to minimize repairs in the future is to ensure the installation of a new AC unit is correctly done. First of all, the AC unit must be of high quality and properly sized. Next, it must be installed correctly by a professional team of HVAC experts. Leipart Heating and Cooling has a service area that includes: Orland Hills, Palos Park, Orland Park, Oak Lawn, Bridgeview, Palos Heights, Cresthill, Plainfield, Burbank, Naperville, Bolingbrook, Joliet, New Lenox, Aurora, Mokena, and Bolingbrook.

Leipart Heating and Cooling also provides services for central heating. A central heating system is designed to provide heat for the entire building or a particular portion of it. This is vital in cold climates and its primary component is the central boiler, which is actually a heat generator because the water is not boiled, but instead the hottest it will get will be from 82 to 90 degrees Centigrade. It has a furnace to heat the water and the heated water goes through pipes and heat exchangers or radiators designed to transfer the heat to the air. There is no standard central heating system and each installation is custom-fitted to the specific requirements of the building. The primary difference between central heating and local heating is that the generation of heat is done in one place for the central heating system. Obviously, this has to be installed, repaired or maintained by professional HVAC specialists.

And finally, Leipart Heating and Cooling offers general maintenance services for HVAC systems. The can offer maintenance services for: heating, home comfort systems, air conditioning, home performance, indoor air quality, commercial properties, air ducts, and attic insulation.

Those who are interested in learning more about the HVAC services provided by Leipart Heating and Cooling in Naperville and neighboring areas, can check out their website, or contact them on the phone or through email.


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