Legal Herald Sheds Light On Recent Assault Case

Legal Herald, an online legal news platform based in Swarthmore, PA, recently published a news release discussing a Chicago masseuse who has been accused of sexually assaulting clients. Two women have filed lawsuits against Massage Envy, a massage spa located in Chicago’s Old Town neighborhood, claiming their massage therapist sexually assaulted them. The women allege that the masseuse disrobed and touched them sexually without their consent, and that the manager was aware of what was happening on his premises yet took no action to prevent a recurrence. The article can be found here:

Brian Kent, a well-known sexual assault lawyer, had this to say about the case, “There have been reports of widespread issues in the massage therapy industry with sexual assault as clients are vulnerable to their massage therapists’ easy access. Clients have reported hundreds of masseuses for sexual assault across the county. Victims who have been sexually assaulted in massage spas should know their rights. These victims may have grounds to sue the spa where they were assaulted.”

Outlining how massage spa owners are legally obliged to ensure that all their clients are safe and the therapists working at their spas are trustworthy and qualified, Kent adds, “Spas may be held liable if a masseuse sexually assaults a client and the spa is proven to be negligent. One example of negligence is if previous complaints were made against a masseuse and they were permitted to keep working. If a victim’s lawyer can prove the crime was a result of negligence on behalf of the spa owner, the victim may have grounds for a civil lawsuit and receive compensation for damages.”

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