Legacy Healing Center is Raising the Standards for Outpatient Addiction Treatment at their New Cherry Hill NJ Location

Cherry Hill, NJ – Legacy Healing Center continues to raise the bar when it comes to successful recovery programs. They have long served patients from around the US and more specifically the local community in South Florida with their detox, inpatient residential treatments, and more flexible outpatient programs. Recently they opened a new first-rate addiction treatment facility in Cherry Hill, New Jersey to offer the same levels of care to those in the areas from Philadelphia to Southern New Jersey.

Just like their locations in South Florida, Legacy Healing Center Cherry Hill offers the same range of addiction treatment programs to provide the least restrictive program without risking patients’ chances of success in recovery. After a set of medical, psychiatric, and social assessments, their multidisciplinary team will determine the right level of care. Patients can also work their way down from each level after completing each phase of recovery.

Legacy Healing Center’s Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) allows patients who live in the Northeast to get more intensive treatment without sacrificing the high-quality care needed to get and stay sober. This is a great option to help patients who have completed inpatient treatment adapt to daily life without using drugs and alcohol. The time just after leaving residential treatment is when individuals are often most vulnerable to relapse. The IOP program includes a minimum of nine hours of clinical treatment per week and works with patients on a flexible schedule.

Legacy Healing Center’s Outpatient Program is highly flexible and can be a good option for patients who cannot take time off from work or school or have home-life obligations such as children or pets. This is a non-residential program that provides strong support and teaches healthy coping strategies that patients can apply in their daily lives. Legacy Healing Center provides a minimum of 3-6 hours of weekly therapeutic care, 12-step programs, and many more recovery activities. Staff is available 24 hours a day to help with every step of the recovery process.

Those seeking help for a substance use disorder may find a local behavioral health center that fits their needs better, even if they need to start in an intensive, highly structured program like Legacy Healing Center’s Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP). Travel costs incurred when seeking treatment out of state will almost always be out-of-pocket and will be significantly lower with a local recovery center.

Many of the benefits of outpatient treatment come after these programs are over. For one, outpatient treatment allows for an already established network of friends and family to be nearby. It also expands that support network to include a new recovery community. The Legacy Healing Center team can also assist with local post-treatment needs such as housing, employment, education, therapy, and support groups.

One of the reasons Legacy Healing Center’s substance abuse treatment programs are so successful is because they want their patients to learn to live successfully on their own while being treated. Helping their patients keep up with life’s obligations is often the reason why patients finally get help for their addiction and stay with the program. This also allows for patients to begin to apply the coping skills they’ve learned in treatment to their everyday lives learning to handle life’s inevitable stressors without turning to drugs or alcohol. OP is highly recommended for all patients to ensure long-term sobriety and a successful transition back into routine life.

For anyone struggling with addiction who would like more information on how a recovery program can help re-establish a healthy life, please call Legacy Healing Center today at (888) 534-2295. Their expert staff is ready to help every step of the way.


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