Leander Tree Experts Helps Homeowner Fix Property Damage Caused by a Tree Removal Procedure

Leander, Texas – After a tree removal procedure went wrong on Monday and left Kristen with a flattened fence on the front yard, the company handling the procedure - Leander Tree Experts – promised to handle the repairs. Leander Tree Experts spent the whole of yesterday working on Kristen’s fence. After hiring a reputable fence repair company, the Leander Tree Experts CEO arrived at the same time as the fence repair team and worked with the team to ensure that the damaged fence was restored to its previous state.

“When the tree dropped on the fence and caused damage,” Kristen told reporters during a live interview, “it was impossible to blame Leander Tree Experts. The tree removal procedure was extremely complicated. The company was removing a tree that had died about 5 months earlier. Unknown to anyone, the tree had already decayed from the inside – this made its wood structure extremely brittle.”

Leander Tree Experts

“When the team climbed to its crown in an attempt to bring it down foot by foot,” added the homeowner, “a slight push from the crane that was being used to bring down the cut pieces was enough to bring the tree down. It was by an extreme effort that the team managed to pull the tree towards the fence – if the tree did not land on the fence, it would have landed on the house.”

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Kristen noted that she was ready to handle the fence repairs. She was surprised when the Leander Tree Experts CEO called her to apologize and tell her that the company would be handling the necessary repairs.

“The initial mistake was not the company’s,” added Kristen, “When the tree died, it should have been removed immediately – this would have kept it from decaying and turning into a hazard. For this reason, everyone in the family felt responsible for the fence damage.”

Despite explaining to the Leander Tree Experts CEO that the mistake was hers, the CEO reportedly told her that his company was built with a major goal of helping property owns avoid unplanned expenses. The CEO insisted on handling the fence repair in less than 72 hours.

“The CEO and the fence repairers were here yesterday,” added Kristen, “That was less than 48 hours since the damage occurred – the company set a deadline and then beat it by 24 hours. From the look of the fence, the team did one of the best jobs. The fence looks better than it did before the tree removal procedure caused damage.”

To understand how Leander Tree Experts handles damages caused by professional tree services in Leander, reporters visited the CEO.

“Leander Tree Experts operates in a risky business,” the CEO told the reporters. “When pruning trees, the branches may fall on a nearby building and cause some damage. When handling tree removals, there is always the possibility of the wind shifting the falling direction of the tree.”

“Since damages may occur unexpectedly,” added the CEO, “the company has created ways of dealing with these damages. For starters, Leander Tree Experts is insured against unexpected property damages. When the tree removal procedure caused fence damage on Kristen’s property, all the company had to do was contact the insurer for funds to handle the necessary repairs.”

The Leander Tree Experts CEO proceeded to note that his company always worked hard to avoid property damages in the first place. Using its decades of experience, modern tree service tools, and a passionate team, the company reports that it manages to keep property damages in the “extremely rare” category. Out of every 4000 projects, the company reportedly causes less than 2.

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