Leading Hearing Doctor in Bessemer, AL is Pleased to Announce Their Recent Hearing Clinic

 hearing doctor in Bessemer, AL

Bessemer, Ala. – A hearing doctor in Bessemer, AL, Beltone USA, is offering their patients an invitation to the annual free hearing clinic.

Beltone’s annual free hearing clinic consists of three parts. A hearing screening, a video otoscope exam, and a ten-point hearing aid checkup. Each patient who attends will receive each of these services complimentary. The clinic also provides a great opportunity for patients to ask any questions they have regarding hearing, ear care, or hearing aids.

When a patient attends the free hearing clinic, they receive a hearing test that allows the hearing care professional to formulate a plan regarding the patient’s next steps towards improved hearing and ear health. The patient will also partake in the otoscope exam, which shows the physician the patient’s eardrums and ear canals. This will help the physician detect any ear health issues the patient is having, such as an excess of earwax. The section of the clinic that involves the patient’s hearing aids is known as the ten-point hearing aid checkup. During this part of the exam, the hearing physician will check ten different elements of the patient’s hearing aids to ensure the optimal functionality of the devices. The patient can leave the clinic feeling confident in their ear health, as well as the condition of their hearing aids.

Beltone USA provides a myriad of products and services for ear care and hearing devices. Composed of experts in audiology in Bessemer, AL, Beltone USA understands the importance of professional ear care and hearing aid checkups. For more information or to schedule an appointment, give Beltone USA a call today at (205) 424-5330 or visit them online at www.BeltoneUSA.com.


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