Leading Hearing Clinic in Bessemer, AL Proudly Announces the Release of the Beltone Imagine Hearing Device

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Bessemer, Ala. – Beltone USA, a hearing clinic in Bessemer, AL, has always strived to provide the optimal hearing devices and products for their patients. After more than ten years of research and development, Beltone USA’s elation at the release of the Beltone Imagine hearing device is no surprise. This device is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, bound to be a help to many.

The Beltone Imagine hearing device provides the most natural sound ever experienced with a hearing aid. It utilizes brand-new, groundbreaking technology, such as the simultaneous use of both a microphone and receiver within the ear canal. This structure elicited the creation of a brand-new style of hearing aid called Microphone & Receiver-In-Ear (M&RIE). Currently, the Beltone Imagine is the only hearing aid of this particular style. The structure and technology used to create the Beltone Imagine allows for a reduction of wind noise, as well as an improved sense of depth and localization.

“Until Beltone Imagine, hearing aids used algorithms of the ‘average ear’ shape when delivering sound,” states Dr. John Nelson, vice president, GN Audiology & Medical Affairs. “But Beltone Imagine is not a one-size-fits-all hearing aid.  Most of the time, it will be collecting sound using the microphone in the canal, delivering that individualized sound. It truly lets each person experience the world with their own ears.”

Beltone Imagine is offered in eight different color tones, allowing the user to choose the optimal color to match their skin tone or hair color. When a patient purchases the Beltone Imagine hearing device, they automatically receive lifetime care and protection services through BelCare.

Beltone USA, comprised of experts in audiology in Bessemer, AL, daily celebrates the joy of being able to hear. It is their goal to provide the best, most effective hearing aids to their patients, further spreading the beauty of sound. For more information regarding the Beltone Imagine hearing device or other hearing products offered by Beltone USA, give them a call today at (770) 577-2360 or visit them online at www.beltoneusa.com/bessemer.


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