Leading Copywriter Uncovers the Principles Behind 100 of the Most Profitable Ads of All Time

Copywriting company Game of Conversions, based in Budapest, Hungary, is happy to announce that the leading copywriter Csaba Borzási recently uncovered a few key sales copywriting principles that anyone can use to drastically increase the effectiveness of their marketing messages and grow their sales.

He discovered these principles by breaking down and reverse engineering 100 of the most profitable sales letters of all time, written by direct response copywriting legends like: Claude Hopkins, Vicor Schwab, John Caples, Gary Halbert, and Eugene Schwartz, but also more recent copywriting giants like John Carlton, Gary Bencivenga, David Deutsch, or Parris Lampropoulos.

Csaba Borzasi helps ambitious online businesses plug the holes in their “leaky” funnels so they can convert more casual leads into high-paying customers.

As a result of his unique journey, Csaba has put together a free cheat sheet that reveals the “secret recipe” behind 100 of the most profitable ads of all time… and how anyone can apply them to their marketing for blockbuster sales.

This cheat sheet includes discoveries like: How to craft a high converting sales copy in just a short time; The forgotten secret of the master closers from the 1920s that can easily remove every objection; An inventive method of predicting what a prospect will respond to, allowing the marketer to increase sales while reducing ad expenses at the same time; A 26-point “pre-flight” checklist that immediately reveals weaknesses in any sales message; The easiest way to avoid “blank page syndrome”; Five proven copywriting templates designed specifically for the current highest impact marketing channels (Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, Email Marketing, etc).

Csaba Borzási is a psychology researcher turned sales funnel copywriter and direct response marketing consultant. For years he struggled to get his business off the ground until he finally decided to master the fundamentals of online marketing advertising, even embarking on a 100-day journey of exploring 100 proven sales letters to unearth the secrets of the master copywriters, while documenting his learning process through daily YouTube Videos.

Today he helps online businesses convert more casual leads into customers and plug gaps in their sales funnels.

Here are just five interesting discoveries Csaba made after his 100-day Proven Sales Letter Breakdown Challenge:

The first gem he discovered was that it is better to explain the proposition as clearly as possible rather than trying to be clever and allowing people to spend time trying to decipher what the ad really means.

The second key idea is that good headlines truly account for 80 percent of a particular ad’s success. The headline must be able to immediately capture people’s attention, or else they will not read what’s inside. It takes a lot of effort to come up with an effective headline but in 95% of cases, it’s absolutely worth it. One just has to ensure that the headline is clear, credible, compelling, and hints at a transformation that the reader can benefit from.

The third key idea that he discovered is that hand-copying sales letters are not really the best way to learn about sales copywriting. While it’s a great way to analyze the minds of master copywriters, the problem is that it’s a slow and passive process that can easily cause people who try it, to “phase out”. He also noted that other people had experienced the same thing. There is a better way of really absorbing what copywriting is about.

His fourth discovery is that it is important not to waste time on perfectionism. Doing things to make the material, such as video, as perfect as possible does not necessarily add much to its effectiveness.

And his fifth discovery is that it is really important to find a “big idea” behind any marketing promotion that is simple, relevant, and can instantly connect with the reader. This immediately makes any sales message much more effective at instantly connecting with a reader.

To help more like-minded entrepreneurs and marketing professionals, Csaba Borzási shares more of his knowledge and discoveries on his website, Game Of Conversions. There, he helps ambitious online entrepreneurs get more (and better) customers with profitable marketing strategies and persuasive copywriting.

To learn more about Game Of Conversions and Csaba’s copywriting and marketing tips (including how to get the special cheat sheet) go to www.gameofconversions.com/copywriting-secrets, or contact him via email at csaba@gameofconversions.com.


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